Saturday, November 29, 2014

November Favorites

Favorite TV Show

American Horror Story: Freak Show: Warning! This show is for mature audiences only! This doesn't even seem like a TV show to me. I feel like I am watching a movie. I watch this On Demand. I like watching shows On Demand because I can watch it whenever I want to. I don't have to wait for a day or time. The story is tragic. There is a lot of sadness here. It isn't very scary to me. If you are scared of clowns, this could be very scary to you. The show is very well written, and I love the actors. I watched the last season, and the same actors are in this. Everyone has a new role. Last season Jessica Lange played the head witch. This season she has a German accent and plays the head of a circus. Angela Bassett played a voodoo witch last season. This season she is a 3 breasted woman with what looks like a penis, but it is an enlarged clitoris. Kathy Bates last season was a racist plantation owner that tortured her slaves. This season she plays a bearded lady, with an accent (I'm not sure what kind of accent it is). There are all kinds of freaks on the show, and it shows how they have been mistreated (and still are). The characters are all well developed.

Favorite Movies

1. The Maze Runner: This is based upon a popular series. It might be a trilogy. I'm not sure. I remember hearing about this book on Youtube. It is a dystopian story. It starts off with a boy in some kind of elevator and it opens out into some place with all of these boys staring at him. He doesn't remember anything about his past or why he is there. Every month a new boy is sent, and you find out that they are in the middle of a maze. There are monsters behind the walls, so they are protected unless they venture out of the middle where they live. It's a pretty mysterious story that unfolds as you watch. I don't want to say too much because that would ruin the story. The way it ends, I feel like there will be a sequel. It reminds me of The Hunger Games or Divergent, except the lead character is a teenage boy. 

2. Dumb and Dumber To: This is the sequel to Dumb and Dumber. If you liked the first one, I think you would like the second one. I thought it was really funny. 

Favorite Beauty Products

1. Too Faced Primed & Poreless Powder: When I ordered from the Too Faced website, they sent me this for free. It is a lot of powder! There isn't a color. I think it is translucent. It reminds me of the Bare Minerals loose powder. It is messy. You tap this into the lid, and the powder goes everywhere. This isn't travel friendly, but I like this type of powder.

2. OPI Nail Lacquer in Barefoot in Barcelona: This is a pretty rosy nude. I heard Chanelette talking about it on her Youtube channel, and it looked really pretty to me. I ordered it online. I forget where I got it from, maybe Amazon. I don't know if this is available in stores or if it was limited edition. OPI makes great quality nail polish.

3. Philosophy Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath in Gingerbread Girl: I was getting tired of the pomegranate smell of my usual body wash. I wanted something spicier. I think I got this at Christmas time one year. It came with a lotion and maybe a lip gloss. I can't remember. This smells so good! It smells like gingerbread. Philosophy has great products. I wonder if they have this collection again this year. It would make a great present. I can't remember if I have already bought this for someone or whom I bought it for. I really recommend this!

4. Oscar Blandi Hair Lift: This is a deluxe sample size. I think I got this a while ago from Birchbox. I wanted something to give my hair more volume. My hair is fine, and I don't have a lot of it. It is a mousse texture. You put a little of it into your hands, rub your hands together, and put it where you want volume. It works really well!

5. Benefit Hoola Bronzer: I got this deluxe sample from The Benefit Advent Calendar from last Christmas. This is a matte bronzer, that is good for my light complexion. 

6. Maybelline The Nudes Palette: This is like the drugstore Naked Palette. This was much talked about on Youtube. It seems like there are a lot of people sponsored by Maybelline. Some of the shadows are pigmented and some aren't. It isn't the best palette in the world. Some shadows are matte and some are shimmery. I like to have it because it seems like a lot of the tutorials I want to recreate are using this palette.

7. Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie: This is a shiny my lips but better color. When I didn't know what to wear on my lips, I chose this because it goes with everything, it looks pretty, and it feels good on my lips.

8. Covergirl Cheekers Blush in True Plum: This is a pretty blush for this season. It doesn't look too purple to the point of looking like an unnatural color. It is soft. The swatch on my hand is layered. It isn't that pigmented. I like the way it is.

9. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque: Melissa Autry on Youtube was talking about this in one of her videos a while back and she had a discount code, so I got this huge tub on sale. I have heard a lot of people talk about this. It is worth all the hype. It is an excellent deep conditioner. I use this about once a week to really condition my hair. I shampoo and then I get out of the shower and put this from my ears to the ends of my hair and a little bit on top. I comb out my hair with a wide tooth comb and let it set for 7 minutes. Then I rinse. You can tell it is working as soon as you rinse it out. It makes your hair smooth and shiny. This is one of the best conditioners I have ever used.

So those are my favorites for this month! What were your favorites? Please leave a comment below. I am hoping that the comment section is working. I'm not sure how to fix it if it isn't working. I have asked for help, and I think I've looked in the wrong e-mail account to find an answer. Hopefully, I can solve the problem. I really wish I would get comments to my blog.

I am going to do Blogmas this year. I didn't know it was thing that people did. I called it Advent something last year, and it was really fun to do. I'm not sure what I will be doing yet, but I plan on blogging every day up until Christmas.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lush Haul!

Right before Halloween I ordered things from Lush. I think you can still get these things on the website. As I'm writing this, they are still available.

1. Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar: My stem broke in the mail. But it is still pretty. It has orange glitter all over it. That would be cool if it smelled like pumpkin spice, but it doesn't. It still smells good. I can smell the grapefruit and lime.

This is what the website said about it: "Perfect for long, lingering soaks. At the end of a long day, pop this Sparkly Pumpkin into the bath. As you crumble its golden shimmeryness under running water, you'll feel instantly re-energized. An uplifting blend of juniper berry, grapefruit and lime oils will fill the room with an enticing, cocktail-like punch. And as you sink deep under the glittering gold water you won't be able to keep from smiling - probably because this little pumpkin is made to make every day bright. This pumpkin shares its scent with our Mr. Punch soap from LUSH Christmases past!"

On the Lush website there was an article called "The Mysterious World of Herbs"
This is what it said regarding the Sparkly Pumpkin: Juniper berry has long been considered a cleansing material, and has been used since medieval times to ward off witches and fairies. If you plant a juniper tree by your door, witches will have to steer clear...unless they can guess the exact number of needles on the tree (and now we are hoping that no witches near you are good at quick math.) Juniper berry oil is indeed detoxifying for other reasons, so reach for a Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar if you need a reviving boost!

I read in the comments section that you can cut this in half for plenty of bubbles.

My Review: The water turns orange with golden glitter everywhere. There are so many bubbles. It's insane! If you want a bath with lots of bubbles and sweet, citrus smell, this is the bath for you.

2. Wizard Bubble Bar: I don't recognize the smells on this. It smells spicy. It is so cute! It has little silver stars all over it's back. 

This is what the website said about it: "Banish stress with a crumble. As the weather casts a cold, frosty spell over us, there's only one thing better than soaking in the bath: the Wizard. This magical, handmade companion will help keep your spirits bright even on the darkest days. Energizing tangerine, juniper berry and fennel essential oils help balance the skin, while its warming and uplifting scent banishes stress and helps you recover from the day. It's pure magic for your mind, body and soul. If you loved our Jingle Spells Bath Bomb, the wizard has the same mystical perfume."

"The Mysterious World of Herbs" talks about the Wizard. "Stuffing dried or fresh fennel in a keyhole and hanging it around the house was thought to banish pesky ghosts. Growing fennel in your garden supposedly keeps negativity and sluggishness at bay. Fennel oil certainly is uplifting, and we use it in our Wizard Bubble Bar for its fresh, licorice-like fragrance!"

In another article on the Lush website, "Bathtime Spells: The Power of Natural Ingredients" it also talks about the Wizard. "Juniperberry oil is magical in every sense of the word. Commonly known for its association with gin, juniper berry oil has been used for many years in Tibetan incense to ward off evil spirits. When it's not being used to guard off evil, juniper berry oil's positive effects for the skin and mind seem endless. Its cleansing qualities are wonderful for clarifying, leaving congested skin feeling and looking vibrant. Its woody, clean aroma and mystical history have been summoned into Wizard Bubble Bar's perfume to create a magical bath time experience. When crumbled and stirred into the tub, Wizard Bubble Bar casts a shimmery spell to leave you feeling awakened, clarified, and seeing clearly."

My Review: This smells really strong, like pinecones. This little guy makes so many bubbles! I probably could have cut this in half for two baths. The water is purple with silver glitter. Lush bubble bars are really good at making bubbles. The bubbles last a long time. The scent of this bath reminds me of Christmas. I wonder if they are going to keep this one out for the Christmastime. When you first smell the wizard before you put it in the bath, it smells very strong, but once it is in the water the scent isn't as strong. It's not like the Lord of Misrule. I would recommend this.

3. Ceridwen's Cauldron: I heard about this on Youtube from Elle Fowler's Lush haul. She gets this one with the other Halloween goodies because it goes with the theme being a cauldron and all. It used to say on the website the spell that this was based on. She says what it is in one of her videos: "According to the spell this was based off of, if you make a wish and spit 3 times into the water, your wish will come true." This is in the permanent collection and is available all year.

This is what the website said: "Magical, relaxing bath melt for softer skin. Slip into our enchanting potion of oats, lavender and sandalwood to calm and soothe your irritated, sensitive skin. If you're wishing for relief, we can guarantee that this bath melt will make your skin dreams come true. Rich, nutritious cocoa butter and walnut oil melt into the bath water to quench and soften your dehydrated skin, frothing ever so slightly, leaving you with a muslin bag of oats to give your skin a soothing and gently scented scrub for instant relief from redness and itch."

My Review: I can smell the oats and lavender. I love the smell of lavender. It has a little bit of bubbles. The water is milky and smells like lavender. This is a very luxurious bath. It feels so good on the skin and smells good. This is my favorite Lush product I got so far!

4. Fairy Ring Soap: This is a piece of soap from a bigger soap that looks like this:

It's a fairy home! In the article "The Mysterious World of Herbs" it says this about the Fairy Ring Soap: "Mushroom folklore abounds in nearly every culture-the circular fungal growth pattern of mushrooms is even called a fairy ring! It is said that a house built near a fairy ring brings good luck, and that you can retrieve the treasure from (but only with the help of a fairy, there's always a catch!). Don't have a crop of mushrooms in your backyard? Never fear-perhaps you can bring fortune to your home with a slice of Fairy Ring Soap, made with nutritious shiitake mushrooms."

This is what the website says about it, "A magical scent to take you away. Who is the fairest one of all? Well, you will be after a bath or shower with our Fairy Ring Soap! Handmade with fresh mushrooms, this mystical sudser is rich in nutrients for beautiful skin. It's also scented with jasmine absolute, ylang ylang and vetivert oils to leave a bit of fairy dust fragrance behind. Plus, the soap base we use for this one is 100% palm-free, so you can feel good in or out of the shower! This Fairy Ring isn't going anywhere! It'll be with us right through 'til Christmas. This soap shares its delightful scent with Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, pair them together to smell gorgeous all day."

My Review: I don't think it smells like mushrooms. It is a scent I can't quite distinguish. It smells fresh to me. It makes my skin so clean!

5. Northern Lights Bath Bomb: This has little silver stars on the top. It's a different shape than the bath bombs normally are.

The article "Bathtime Spells: The Power of Natural Ingredients" says, "One such example is the powerful and persuasive jasmine absolute. Its heady, sexy aroma has a way of slinking its way into the mind, making one feel bold, confident, and sensual. Jasmine flowers smell their best after-hours, so this evening blooming floral is picked in the light of the moon, only adding to its magical allure. It's been used for hundreds of years in Hindu religious ceremonies and has been long praised as a potent aphrodisiac. Jasmine absolute is found in our Northern Lights Bath Bomb to create a sultry, calming bath, complete with magical stars that swirl around you in the water-perfect for an autumn love spell.

The website says: "A colorful display that pops. You won't need to go far to enjoy a spectacular display of lights in the night sky! Drop this Bath Bomb in the water and watch as it puts on a spectacular light show - as the ends crackle and fizz away, watch as the middle begins to slowly dissolve to reveal gorgeous blue and neon green colors, turning your bathwater into a calming jasmine and ylang ylang-scented swirling night sky scattered with little stars. If you loved our Christmas Eve Bubble Bar of Christmases past, you'll love this one! This bomb has Bubble Bar mix in the middle to help the colors release slowly and add a bit of bubble to your bath."

My Review: Before putting it into the bath I can smell the beautiful floral smell of the jasmine. First, a fuchsia color comes out. Then, blue and yellow come out. The bath bomb is gone very fast, despite how big it is. The water is a dark purple with light pink stars and clouds swirling around.

6. Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb: You can kind of see this has a little crown molded on top.

From "Bathtime Spells: The Power of Natural Ingredients" it says: If you're looking for a stimulating, awakening effect for the mind on a chilly night, turn to spicy black pepper oil. This essential oil is extracted from black pepper berries, which are commonly ground up to add spice to foods with its powerful taste. It's also been used by aromatherapists to aid tired muscles, fatigue, and to increase circulation in the body. You'll smell black pepper oil in Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb's perfume, where it's combined with patchouli oil and Fairtrade vanilla absolute to create a mischievous, captivating experience in the tub."

The website says: "Strange and magnificent. Inspired by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule brings mischievous revelry to the tub with a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil. As it slowly froths in the water, hypnotic swirling silver luster is released and the deep green exterior soon gives way to a rich, wine-colored center. Just like at the Feast of Fools, when the wine begins flowing, the revelry really begins! Popping candies fizz and crackle, creating a world of magic and mischief right before your eyes. The crown design on Lord of Misrule was inspired by the one worn by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools, where a lowly peasant became Lord for a day. Although commonplace today, black pepper was incredibly expensive in Medieval Europe."

My Review: It smells like lemon to me. At first it is green with little specks of red. The scent is too strong for me. I wouldn't get this again. It looks like a volcano when the center is broken open and fuchsia bubbles start to come out. It turns the bath water from green to wine. And there is white clouds.

7. Sparkler Bath Bomb: This has the same strange shape as Northern Lights.

This is what the website says about it: "Rose Jam-scented fireworks! Pop, pop, fizz,fizz, oh what a spectacle this is! Sparkler was made to make bath time exciting as a night filled with fireworks. Handmade with popping candy, it'll crackle in an explosion of color, moving around the tub and turning your water into a fiery, shimmering display! It also features one of our most popular fragrances: Rose Jam! Its delicate and floral aroma will fill the room and leave your skin kissed with its beautiful scent. If you love this scent, you'll also love our Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Ro's Argan Body Conditioner."

Review: In the comments section I read that you can cut this in half and use it for two baths. It doesn't smell like rose to me. It smells a little bit like pie, which I don't like. This is when I just smell it before putting it in the water. In the water there is a floral scent to me, that isn't rose, but it smells good. So I have mixed feelings about this. It starts off being neon yellow. Then, orange comes out of it with gold glitter and little bubbles. I don't hear it crackle. The orange with gold glitter is very pretty. The the bath water is orange. Eventually, red is coming out. It leaves little specks of gold glitter on your skin. I think it looks pretty. I approve of this bath bomb.

8. Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt: When you hold this the silver sparkles come off everywhere! 

The website says: "Bathe in a pool of starlight. Crush this shimmering star under running water and watch as your bath turns a deep, calming turquoise and the silvery luster spreads to create a magical, shimmering trail of starlight. Organic shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil leave your skin feeling oh-so-soft, while the zesty ginger, lavender and lime oil fragrance inspires imagination and positivity. Go ahead - make a wish upon this star!"

My Review: Before putting this in the bath it smells strongly of lime. The silver layer washes away. Underneath is a white buttery star with blue. The water isn't turquoise. It is light blue. There is white clouds. The silver sparkles are in the water too. The smell wakes you up.

9. Ice Blue Soap: Whenever I order from Lush they always send a free sample. 

This is what the website says about it: "Brisk and refreshing peppermint soap. Intense and extra stimulating; when you're in the shower rub Ice Blue all over your body for a refreshing, tingly feeling. Peppermint has an incredible quality of making you feel cool when you're hot, and warm when you're cold. So if you're hot and cold, it goes both ways! It also means that Ice Blue is the perfect soap for boys, girls, and all seasons and climes. Plus to really wake up your skin and your senses we've made our ice cube soap with refreshing citrus oils. Give yourself an extra special cleansing sensation with Ice Blue. Peppermint oil cools the skin and gives it a brisk deep clean. It also helps the skin be soft, and the mind focused. Bergamot and lemon citrus oils pair with tingly peppermint to give you an extra zesty wake up in the shower. Make your skin as smooth as ice when you exfoliate with the sea salt crystals in Ice Blue.

My Review: Peppermint also reminds me of the holiday season because of the candy canes. This strongly smells of peppermint. Its not the sweet candy cane scent. I wouldn't buy this.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Makeup Looks for Fall Part 2

1. Autumn Smoke Makeup & Hair (Talk Thru) by MakeupByAlli
a. Anastasia Amrezy Palette, Vanilla, under brow blend down to the crease: Wet 'n Wild Pride, 1st color
b. Makeup Geek Creme Brûlée with Caramel, crease: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 2nd color
c. Caramel, outer crease: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 2nd color
d. Makeup Geek Purely Naked, inner lid: Sephora Disney Cinderella Palette in All Aglow
e. Morocco, center of lid: Revlon Colorstay Palette in Attitude, bottom left color
f. Lorac Pro Palette in Sable, outer lid
g. Deep Plum mix with Black LBD, outer corner: Wet 'n Wild Zero Dark Flirty, crease color with Wet 'n Wild Greed, 3rd color
h. Morocco, over top dark color to blend it out
i. Black Eye Liner, tight line, waterline
j. LBD, outer part of lower lash line
k. Morocco, lower lash line
l. Legend, inner corner: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 4th color
m. Black Gel Liner, upper lash line, blend it out with finger
n. Mascara
o. False Lashes
p. Black Gel Liner, wing
q. Powder
r. Bronzer
s. MAC Peaches Blush: Elf Peachy Keen
t. Becca Moonstone Highlighter, top of cheekbones: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
u. Milani Lipstick in Nude Creme
v. MAC Lip Pencil in Whirl, outer corners: Jordana Easyliner for Lips Retractable Pencil in Tawny
My Thoughts: This is like an autumn look from last year or before where the eyes are smokey with autumn colors and the lips are nude. The cheeks are peach.

2. My GO-TO Fall Makeup Look! by Casey Holmes
a. Eye Primer
b. Tape sides of eyes
c. Lorac Pro 2, Lt. Brown, crease: Lorac Pro 1, Taupe
d. Buff, lid: Sephora Disney Jasmine Palette in Ali Ababwa
e. Bobbi Brown Camel, crease: Stila In the Know Palette in Desert
f. Take off tape
g. Black Gel Liner, upper lash line, wing
h. Black Eye Liner, tight line
i. False Lashes
j. Face Primer
k. Foundation
l. Concealer
m. Powder
n. Bronzer
o. NARS Blush in Lovejoy: Covergirl Cheekers Soft Sable
p. Estee Lauder Heatwave Highlighter: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
q. Brows
r. Lorac Pro 2, Snow and Beige, under brow: The Balm Nude'tude Sassy and Sephora Disney Magic Carpet Ride, Splendid
s. Black Eye Liner, waterline
t. Lorac Pro Palette, Sable, lower lash line
u. Bobbi Brown Camel, blend out Sable on lower lash line
v. MAC Lip Liner in Night Moth, line lips and fill in corners: Jordana Lip Liner in Cabernet
w. MAC Diva Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry
My Thoughts: The lips are very dark, but it doesn't look bad to me. The eyes are a basic neutral with a black wing, The cheeks are neutral with a gold highlight. This is a glamorous look.

3. Naked 3 Dupe & Fall Eye Shadow Tutorial by AllThatFresh
a. Wet 'n Wild Smoke and Melrose Palette, browbone color, crease, dupe for Nooner: Lorac Pro Palette in Mauve
b. Same Palette, crease color, lid, dupe for Trick: L'Oreal Amber Rush
c. Same Palette, eyelid color, outer lid, dupe for Factory: Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone, 3rd color
d. Same Palette, definer color, outer v, outer crease: Wet 'n Wild Knock on Wood, eyelid color
e. Same Palette, base color, inner corner of lid, dupe for Burnout: The Balm Rockstar Palette in Third Eye Blinded
f. Concealer
g. Gel Eye Liner
h. Definer, lower lash line
i. Mascara
j. She didn't say what she used for blush or lipstick.
My Thoughts: This is a really pretty eye look. I love Amber Rush. For cheeks I wore the natural Rimmel Mauve Cool, and for lips I wore the mlbb Wet 'n Wild Rose to Fame.

4. Everday Makeup for Autumn by Chanelette
a. BB Cream
b. L'Oreal Lumi Magic Concealer, under eye, forehead, nose, chin
c. Concealer on blemishes
d. Brows
e. Rimmel Smokey Brun, bottom color, lid, inner corner
f. Left color, lid
g. Right color, outer corner
h. Blend it out
i. Brown Eye Liner, upper lash line, smudge it out
j. Right color, lower lash line
k. Mascara
l. Powder
m. NARS Douceur Blush, contour, temples: Revlon Naughty Nude
n. Rimmel Lip Liner in Addiction, line and fill in lips
My Thoughts: The eyeshadow quad is not very pigmented, but it is nice if you want a very natural eye look. The blush is also very natural. The lips are a little darker than my natural lip color. They are a brown/nude.

5. Vampy Burnt Orange Lip & Soft Neutral Eyes Makeup Tutorial by Kayleigh Noelle
a. Moisturizer
b. Primer
c. Foundation
d. Concealer
e. MAC Emphasize Powder, under eyes: Pumpkin & Poppy Inner Glow Powder in Celestial
f. Eye Primer
g. Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean, lid: Wet 'n Wild Lust, 4th color
h. Makeup Geek Creme Brûlée, crease: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 2nd color
i. Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear, outer corner: Revlon Colorstay Palette in Attitude, bottom left color
j. Blend out the edges
k. False Lashes
l. Black Eye Liner, upper lash line
m. Brows
n. Makeup Geek Mocha, lower lash line: The Balm Nude'tude Eyeshadow Palette in Sleek
o. NARS Laguna Bronzer, under cheekbone: Wet 'n Wild Bronzer in Bikini Contest
p. Benefit Dallas Blush, temples, hairline: Covergirl Soft Sable
q. Powder
r. Lip Balm
s. Ulta Cocoa Lip Liner: Jordana Tawny
t. Butter London Lippy Moisture Matte Lipstick in Old Blighty: Wet 'n Wild Salsa Lessons
My Thoughts: The eyes are very natural. The cheeks are a brownish color. It looks good with the eyes. The lipstick I used is red orange, and it doesn't look vampy. I'm not into the vampy look. Overall, with the lipstick I used, this look reminds me of a look from the 50's. It is really pretty.

6.  DRUGSTORE Fall Makeup Tutorial! by Casey Holmes
a. Tape sides of eyes
b. Maybelline The Nudes Palette, top row, 2nd to last color, crease
c. top row, 3rd to last color, lid
d. bottom row, 2nd color, blend out lid color
e. bottom row, 3rd color, center of lid, with finger, blend out any harsh lines
f. Take off tape
g. Black Gel Liner, upper lash line
h. Black Eye Liner, tight line
i. False Lashes
j. Foundation
k. Concealer
l. Powder
m. NYC Sunny Bronzer, hairline, temples, cheeks, under chin
n. Contour, under cheekbones, under lip
o. Jordana Blush in Touch of Pink: The Balm Frat Boy
p. Elf Baked Highlighter, top of cheekbones: She doesn't say the name, but I used Elf Baked Highlighter in Innocent Pearl.
q. Brows
r. Lid color, lower lash line
s. bottom row, 2nd color, pencil brush, blend out lower lash line
t. Mascara
u. Black Eye Liner, waterline
v. Jordana lipstick, dupe for MAC Rebel: Wet 'n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy
w. 1st color, top row, under brow
My Thoughts: The eyeshadow look is so pretty with my hair color and my eye color. The cheeks are peach. The lips are a pigmented reddish plum. I'm not sure about the lips. It is more color than I'm used to wearing. But overall the look is beautiful. It is glamorous.

7. Everyday Fall Makeup (talk-through) by xteeener
a. Face Primer
b. Concealer
c. Powder
d. Brows
e. Eye Primer
f. Maybelline The Nudes Palette, top row, 2nd to last color mixed with bottom row, 2nd color, inner and outer 1/3 of lid
g. top row, 3rd color, blend it out
h. bottom row, 3rd color, middle of lid
i. Black Liquid Liner, upper lash line, wing
j. Shimmery Charcoal Liner, waterline, lower lash line: Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil in Silver
k. top row, last 2 colors, outer portion of lower lash line
l. Mascara
m. bottom row, 3rd color mixed with top row, 1st color, inner corner, under brow
n. Tarte Blush in Inspired: Elf Blush in Mellow Mauve
o. Rimmel Lip Liner in East End Snob, line and fill them in
p. MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam 2: Revlon Nude Attitude
q. NYX Matte Lipstick in Aria: Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie
r. NYX Lip Gloss in Natural, center of lips
My Thoughts: I just wore Berry Smoothie on my lips, not the other lipstick or the gloss. This is a pretty look. I don't this Maybelline The Nudes is a very good palette. It isn't very pigmented.

8. Autumn Get Ready With Me! Skincare, Makeup & Outfit! by essiebutton
a. Face Primer
b. BB Cream
c. Concealer
d. Powder
e. Brows
f. MAC Paintpot in Groundwork, lid and crease: 3rd shade in Revlon Illuminance Cream Eye Shadows in Not Just Nudes
g. Urban Decay Naked, crease: 3rd color in L'Oreal Cupa Joe
h. Urban Decay Smog, lid, a little bit in the crease: Urban Decay Ammo Palette
i. Clean brush and blend it out
j. Urban Decay Virgin, under brow, inner corner: 4th shade in Wet 'n Wild Lust
k. Bronze Eye Liner, upper lash line: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio in Warm Nude Eyes, bronze
l. Mascara
m. Bronzer, under cheekbones, sides of eyes
n. Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour in Rosy Poly Rosy: The Balm Rockstar Palette in Vanilly
o. Stila Lip Stain in Acai Crush: Elf Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Movie Star
My Thoughts: The eyes are a bronzy brown. The cheeks are a natural red, and the lips are red.

9. Autumn/Fall Makeup Gold Eyes & Berry Lips by Zoella
a. Concealer
b. Foundation
c. Powder
d. Bronzer: She wants her face to match her body. I skipped this step.
e. Estee Lauder Powder Gelee Blush in Tease: Mix of L'Oreal True Match Superblendable Blush in Baby Blossom with Covergirl Cheekers True Plum
f. Eyebrows
g. MAC Amberlights, lid: Sephora Disney Cinderella Palette in Drizella
h. MAC Bronze, crease, outer corner: 6th shade in Wet 'n Wild Vanity
i. Amberlights, inner half of lower lash line
j. Bronze, outer half of lower lash line
k. Brown Eye Liner, upper lash line
l. Mascara
m. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Glaston-Berry: Milani Cabernet Blend
My Thoughts: The eyes are a bronzy brown. The cheeks are plum, and the lips are cranberry. This seems to be a popular look for this fall.

10. Get Ready with Me: Fall 2014 by AllThatFresh
a. Serum
b. Moisturizer
c. Eye Cream
d. Foundation
e. Concealer
f. Brows
g. Eye Primer
h. MAC Soft Brown, crease: 2nd shade in Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals
i. MAC Paradisco, lid: 2nd shade in Wet 'n Wild Greed
j. Blend it out
k. MAC Embark, outer corner, crease: 3rd shade in Wet 'n Wild Vanity
l. Blend it out
m. Concealer
n. Powder
o. Sonia Kashuk Palette, lightest shade, under brow: Wet 'n Wild Brûlée
p. MAC Embark, lower lash line
q. Brown Liquid Liner, upper lash line, wing
r. Mascara
s. Benefit Hoola Bronzer, hollows of cheeks, temples, hairline
t. L'Oreal True Match Superblendable Blush in Baby Blossom
u. Physicians Formula in Natural Glow, top of cheekbones: Bare Minerals Flawless Radiance
v. MAC Patisserie Lipstick: Milani Nude Creme
w. Milani Coral Crush Lip Gloss: Maybelline Colour Elixir in Mandarin Rapture
My Thoughts: The eyes are orange and brown. The cheeks are pink. The lips are a glossy coral. It's a pretty look.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Favorites

Favorite TV Show

Chrisley Knows Best: This is on USA, E! and On Demand. It is a reality show about a family. The dad is really funny. I thought he was gay when I first watched the show, but he must not be gay if he has so many children and he seems like he is in love with his wife. He acts very flamboyant. And the children get into all kinds of mischief and so does the dad. I just think it is a really funny show.

Favorite Song

Fix My Eyes by For King & Country

Beauty Products

1. Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet: September I went to Sephora and asked for help picking out make up for oily skin, and the girl helping me suggested I might have dehydrated skin and that is why my skin is producing to many oils. She suggested this moisturizer that she uses and loves. She gave me a sample, and I really liked it so I ordered the full size. The tube isn't that big, but you don't need a lot of it to put on your face and I just put it on at night. I use a lotion with SPF in the morning.

2. Maybelline Color Show in Hibiscus Haven: This is more like a summer nail polish, but I wanted to paint my nails pink this month. This turned out to be a pretty color that I haven't worn before. 

3. Wet 'n Wild Rose to Fame: I found this on the Wet 'n Wild Halloween display. There were a bunch of new lipsticks, and I got really excited because these lipsticks are really good even though they are so inexpensive. This was my favorite of all the ones I got. It is a matte my lips but better color.

4. Jordana Easy Liner for Lips Retractable Pencil in Cabernet: This is a dark cranberry color that is good if you are wearing a dark lip. These kind of lips were very popular in October. I don't know if people are going to keep doing this dark lip trend. I don't know if I like it very much, but this lip pencil is really pretty nonetheless. Jordana products are like Wet 'n Wild. They are very inexpensive. You can find them at the beauty counter at Walgreens.

5. Revlon Colorstay Palette in Attitude: This is a pretty palette for the fall time. The two lighter colors didn't show up very well on my hand, but the upper right color is supposedly a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 2 from The Basics Palette. The bottom left color is my dupe for Anastasia Amrezy's Morocco and Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear. I really like that color. It is a reddish brown. And the darkest shade is a pigmented dark brown.

6. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil: This is supposed to be a dupe for NARS Laguna Bronzer. This is in 2 of the new Holiday palettes I got from Too Faced. I have never had it before, and I have heard so many people talk about it. It really does smell like chocolate! I is a nice, matte bronzer you can use to contour. I am careful with it because it might be a little too dark for my pale skin tone. 

I hope you enjoy my favorites and find it helpful. What was your favorite thing about October?