Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Wonderland

For the Spring Soap Box the theme is Alice in Wonderland! *-* This box comes quarterly and it is $19.99 a quarter. Right now the box is sold out, but pretty soon the products will be available in the website. The box includes a sample of things that are in the Spring collection.

Futterwacken Body Wash: "Not here! Everyone's watching! Sun warmed lilies brightened with a splash of grapefruit and a breath of fresh air." Futterwacken is the dance the Mad Hatter does in the Alice in Wonderland movie. This smells so good! I can smell the grapefruit and lilies.

It's Only A Dream Whipped Cream: "Welcome to Wonderland, where playing cards come to life and everything is full of nonsense. Calming verbena, lemongrass, calla lily, and citrus blended with leafy greens, ylang-ylang, rosewood, and ozone; with hints of soft musk and roses." It smells like flowers to me. It is a body lotion.

There is always something in the box that goes with the theme or the season, so for the Spring there is a cute little butterfly.

Almost Alice Fortune Cookie Soap: "I'd rather be almost Alice than completely Bob - or Stan for that matter! Fresh green snap peas and juicy pears brighten this bouquet of seer pea flowers, and freesia, sprinkled with ripe berries." This smells like freshness to me.

Twisted Tea Party Bath Tea: "That sounds like my kind of party, as long as you're serving Long Islands! A light, refreshing, green tea with notes of sweet herbs, vanilla bean, cucumber, golden amber, and hints of neroli and geranium, stirred with a bright sprig of spearmint. Directions: Place tea bag directly in a warm bath." It smells like green tea. I have never had a bath tea before! Sounds interesting.

Eat Me Perfume Oil: "I dare you...but not really, your tummy would hurt. Scrumptious yellow cake with a fresh slathering of rich, creamy vanilla frosting, topped with fresh white pineapple slices and garnished with a sprig of blooming cilantro." This smells just like cake and vanilla frosting. It is so sweet! I love it.

We're All Mad Here - OCD: "...which truly explains a lot! Playful mint waters and natural levy green notes perform a masterful balancing act with musky rich cedarwood." OCD is the hand sanitizer. I need to keep this in my coat pocket. This smells like some kind of greenery. It smells fresh.

Who Are You? Incense Cones: "...what exactly are you smoking, vapor? A mysterious mixture of crisp, ripe, pear twisted with tart limes, vanilla orchid, and a dash of raw cane sugar. Directions: Place cone on a non-flammable surface, light tip and let burn for 10 seconds, then extinguish. OR Keep cones in muslin bag and use as a sachet. There are hundreds of ways to use a sachet - GTS! :)" I think I will keep this with my clothes. It smells like pears.

Off With Their Heads! Bath Bomb: "I just love my morning coffee and executions, don't you? Groves of Meyer lemons and succulent oranges mingle with a perfectly manicured garden of wild roses, violets, and star jasmine perfumed with romantic tones of bergamot and Egyptian musk." It smells like flowers to me. It looks like there are flower petals in it.

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