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Redhead Makeup Looks

I wanted to do some posts devoted to makeup looks for redheads. I initially had trouble finding looks for redheads online, but I found out once you know the popular actresses with red hair you can find makeup looks that are inspired by the redheaded actresses. So some of these looks are for the same person, but different makeup. I have a lot of looks, so this maybe a two part blog.

When searching for makeup for redheads I came across this video: Talking Redhead Makeup (for LOstXinzanety00) by daisy nation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSJ0chVnX2M. In this video she lists a lot of makeup that she thinks would look good on redheads. Also, I left a comment on her video and she replied to me, giving more recommendations! She is a very cool person. She is one of those that replies to people a lot. She recommended looking for inspiration in redheaded famous people, like Christina Hendricks from Mad Men.

Here is the makeup she recommended. I tried to find dupes for as many of them as I could.

1. MAC Lady Danger Lipstick: Revlon Fire and Ice
2. MAC Morange: Revlon Siren, Wet 'n Wild Purty Persimmon
3. MAC Viva Glam 1: L'Oreal Pink Lady
4. Laura Mercier Seduction: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow (my dupe)
5. Maybelline Hydra Extreme Lipstick in Luminous Beige (discontinued): Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Brown Sugar (my dupe)
6. Rimmel Birthday Suit (discontinued): MAC Hug Me, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude (my dupe)
7. MAC Hue: Maybelline Color Sensational Porcelains in Nude Nuances
8. Revlon Lip Gloss in Peach Petal
9. Revlon Lip Gloss in Coral Reef
10. Bobbi Brown Rose Sugar Lip Gloss: Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Rose Pearl

Eye Shadow
1. MAC Mulch: 6th shade in Wet 'n Wild Vanity, darkest shade in Wet 'n Wild Sand Castle, crease color in Wet 'n Wild Gilded Age, Covergirl Swiss Chocolate, 3rd shade in Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone
2. MAC Melon Pigment: Wet 'n Wild Greed, 2nd shade
3. Too Faced Natural Eye Kit Palette: I have a blog post about the dupes for this palette. http://beautydiversion.blogspot.com/2011/08/too-faced-natural-eye-palette-dupes.html
4. Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows in Moonlit Jewels
5. MAC Woodwinked: left color in L'Oreal Hip Duo Dynamic, 6th shade in Elf's Neutral Eye, 3rd shade in Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone, Urban Decay Half Baked
6. MAC Cork (for eyebrows): 2nd shade in Wet 'n Wild Vanity, Covergirl Swiss Chocolate, 5th shade in Elf's Neutral Eye, brown shade in Wet 'n Wild Walking on Eggshells

1. MAC Peachy Keen: Revlon Peachy Keen
2. Benefit Georgia Face Powder: MAC Peaches, Elf Peachy Keen (my dupe)
3. MAC Gingerly: L'Oreal True Match Bare Honey (my dupe)
4. MAC Warm Soul: Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Hermosa Rose (my dupe)

No Dupes (I just don't know of any dupes. That doesn't mean there are none.)
1. L'Oreal True Match in Rosewood Blush: I couldn't find this. Maybe this is only in the UK?
2. Bobbi Brown Ruby Sugar Lip Gloss: berry red
3. NYX Peach Blush: light, matte peachy pink
4. Illamasqua Primal Powder Blush (contouring)
5. MAC Red Lipstick
6. MAC Stripdown Liner

These are the looks I found. I did this a while ago, and it was before I had knew I would have a blog or know I would make a blog post about this, so I didn't keep track of who did the look or where I found it. So for this blog post, I tried to go back and figure out who did the look and where I found it on YouTube. Some of the looks I found, some I didn't find. So some of the looks, I'm not sure who did them or where I found the look, so I'm sorry about that. One of the looks I recorded that it was by Pixiwoo, but I can't find the video! I don't know if they deleted it, or what happened! So weird.

This is what I used for the following makeup looks if not mentioned:
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Normal/Dry Skin in Ivory
Concealer: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Ivory
Powder: Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
Bronzer: Mac Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Medium Deep
Black Eye Liner: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
Brown Eye Liner: Prestige Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner in Sepia
Nude Eye Liner: Pixi Eye Bright Liner in Nude
White Eye Liner: Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Pure White
Black Gel Liner: Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Blackest Black
Black Liquid Liner: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise in Black
Mascara: Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lashblast Water Resistant in Very Black (top lashes), Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Waterproof in Very Black (bottom lashes)

1. Christina Hendricks Look (I didn't write down where I got this from, and I can't find it.)
a. Urban Decay Sellout from lashes to brow, lower lash line: Maybelline Enchanted Forest, lightest color
b. Urban Decay Pollyester Bride under brows: Elf Beauty Eye Manual Bright Eye Edition, first white color
c. Black gel eyeliner, thin line get thick as you go out, top lash line
d. Black eye shadow over eyeliner: Wet 'n Wild Greed, 6th color
e. White eyeliner for waterline: Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Pure White
f. Mascara on top lashes
g. Urban Decay Quickie Blush: Covergirl Cheekers Rose Silk
h. Bath and Body Works Lipgloss Tint Number 1136: Bare Minerals Lip Gloss in Cassis
My Thoughts: It looks good. I normally don't wear this much eyeliner, but I think it looks pretty.

2. Early 1960's Mad Men Joan Holloway-Style Makeup by LeaWhiteFeather http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcNb98HBR4o
a. Matte Foundation
b. Light colored flesh tone eyeshadow: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 1st color
c. Medium brown with matte finish, crease: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 2nd color
d. False Lashes: I skipped.
e. Black eyeliner thicker at outer corner, thinner inner corner, not a dramatic cat eye
f. Peach flesh tone eyeliner on waterline
g. Mascara
h. Soft pink or peachy pink blush on cheekbone: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
i. Line lips with pink lip liner: Rimmel Lip Liner in East End Snob
j. Matte/Creamy, not glossy rosy pink lipstick, coral red, tomato red, orangey red are all options. Blot lips and apply second coat for longer lasting.
Rose Pink: Revlon Soft Rose
Coral Red: Revlon Fire and Ice
Orange Red: Wet 'n Wild Salsa Lessons
My Thoughts: I like it. I chose Revlon Soft Rose Lipstick.

                                                          (Source: Google Images)

3. Joan Mad Men Inspired Makeup Tutorial by lookcobwebs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT5Ibq3tSAM
a. Foundation mixed with Boots No.7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion
b. Powder
c. Urban Decay Virgin, eyelid: Wet 'n Wild Lust, 4th shade
d. Urban Decay Buck, outer corner into crease, nothing too harsh, just to create a shadow: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 3rd shade
e. Urban Decay Hustle over Buck to give it more depth, don't need a lot, gently blend it out: Elf Day 2 Night, 2nd shade
f. Urban Decay Sin, underbrows: Wet 'n Wild Walking on Eggshells, eyelid color
g. Shimmery white powder inner corners: Wet 'n Wild Sand Castle, 1st color
h. Black Liquid Liner gradually getting thicker outer corner, slight wing
i. Nude Liner in waterline
j. Mascara
k. Skip false lashes
l. Bronzer
m. Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Blush in Natural Pearl (I used a stippling brush.)
n. NYX Lipstick in Femme: Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple
My Thoughts: So far this is my favorite of the redhead looks.

4. Julianne Moore Instyle May 2011 Cover Makeup by aushnakilops http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sjj3XBFKljE
a. MAC Lala on eyelid: Wet 'n Wild Shimmer the Night Away, 6th shade
b. Urban Decay Naked, crease: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 2nd shade
c. Urban Decay Hustle, outer edge triangle (maybe watch video to see how she did it): Elf Day 2 Night, 2nd shade
d. Hustle and Naked lower lash line
e. Urban Decay Virgin, ring finger, tearducts: Wet 'n Wild Lust, 4th shade
f. Black Gel Liner upper lash line
g. Hustle on top of liner
h. Nude on waterline
i. Mascara
j. Bourjois Blush in 85 Sienne: Rimmel Blush in Mauve Cool
k. Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud: Wet 'n Wild Loose Blush in Barely Peach
l. Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint in 03: Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Forbidden
My Thoughts: I really like the eyes. There is purple in the pink shadow, so it doesn't look too pink.

                                                              (Source: Google Images)

5. Model Monday: Lily Cole Inspired Makeup by lozrii http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piEaMeSt7tM
a. MAC Vanilla, lashes to brow: Wet 'n Wild Lust, 4th shade
b. MAC Brule on lid: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 1st shade
c. MAC Vanilla, pencil brush, inner corner
d. MAC Corduroy, crease, outer v, outer lid blend it out: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 3rd shade
e. MAC Twinks, outer part of crease and lid, blend: Maybelline Enchanted Forest, darkest shade
f. MAC Twinks along upper lash line on angled brush and underneath eye
g. Nude waterline
h. Mascara
i. Matte Foundation
j. Concealer
k. Powder
l. Bronzer contour
m. Peach blush above the contour: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
n. Orangey red lipstick, you can use a red lipstick and put an orange one on top: Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple
o. Clear gloss on top: I skipped this because the lip butter has a gloss.

                                                        (Source: Google Images)

6. Isla Fisher Inspired by Jennybowkermakeup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omHKmTntSPo
a. Bronzer
b. Nars Sugarland, eyelid: Wet 'n Wild Greed, 5th color
c. Nars champagne highlighter underbrows and tearduct: Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Eye Kit in Baked, Not Fried, middle right color
d. MAC Burn, lash lines, crease, outer corner: Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals, 5th color
e. Apply golden brown liner to lash lines and waterline: Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cafe Gold
f. Mascara
g. Benefit Georgia Blush: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
h. MAC Superduper Natural on apples of cheeks: skipped
i. MAC Lychee Luxe Gloss: Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Coral Reef

                                                               (Source: Google Images)

7. Jessica Hamby (I can't find where I found this.)
a. MAC Painterly Paint Pot: Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows in Not Just Nudes
b. Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 2nd color, all over lid
c. MAC Cork, crease: Covergirl Swiss Chocolate
d. MAC Woodwinked, outer corner v: L'Oreal HIP Duo in Dynamic, left color
e. MAC Sketch, outer v, to warm it up just tap it in: Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone, 4th color
f. MAC Showstopper, deepen crease up a little bit: Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone, 7th color
g. MAC Femme Fi, underbrow: Maybelline Enchanted Forest, lightest color
h. Brown eye liner lower lash line and waterline
i. MAC Cranberry lower lash line and upper lash line: Wet 'n Wild Knock on Wood, red shade
j. Black liquid liner cat eye
k. Mascara and fake lashes
l. Mix foundation with highlighter: I just used my foundation.
m. Vitamin Apple Blush: NYX Cream Blush in Orange
n. Lipstain in red and gloss for sheen: Maybelline Lip Gloss in Cherry Kiss

                                                              (Source: Google Images)

8. Pixiwoo Redhead Look! (I don't know where I got this from.)
a. Ivory Foundation, MUFE HD Foundation in 115
b. MAC Wedge eyebrows
c. Use color that matches your skin on lid and crease. She uses MAC Brule: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 1st color
d. MAC Wedge through the socket: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 2nd color
e. Blend it.
f. MAC Wedge underneath eye
g. MAC Fascinating, white eyeliner water line
h. White eyeshadow on top of waterline: Wet 'n Wild Pride, 1st color
i. Black eyeshadow close to upper lash line: Wet 'n Wild Greed, 3rd color
j. Mascara on top lashes
k. Concealer
l. Bronzer contour
m. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick: Elf Lipstick in Voodoo
n. Illamasqua Lipstick in Ignite in the center: Wet 'n Wild Lipstick in Salsa Lessons
o. Powder

9. Back to School: Emma Stone Teen Vogue Photo Shoot Inspired Makeup by glittergal15 (I can't find this.)
a. Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals, 1st shade, eyelid
b. Same Palette, 2nd color, outer half of lid
c. Same Palette, 6th color, outer half of crease and a little bit on outer corner
d. Same Palette, 5th color, outer corner and blend a little into crease
e. Same Palette, 3rd color, lower lash line
f. Same Palette, 7th color browbone and inner corners
g. Black eyeliner dot on outer half of upper lashes, smudge into lash line
h. Same Palette, 5th color smudge on upper lash line on top of line
i. Mascara
j. Maybelline Peach Satin Blush
k. Revlon Lip Gloss in Sunset Peach
l. Same Palette, highlight white shade from palette on top of cheekbones and center of forehead
My Thoughts: Be careful with the 5th color. It's pretty, but it is a very pigmented shadow you have to be careful how much you use in the crease.

                                                                     (Source: Google)

10. Emma Stone Inspired Interactive Makeup Tutorial by sharonmakeupartist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfagytGnins
a. Concealer on the eyes
b. MAC Era all over eye past crease: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 2nd color
c. MAC Wedge, crease: Almay Trio for Hazel, brown color
d. Same color lower lash line
e. MAC Sable mixed with MAC Brown Down, use as liner upper lash line: 3rd and 6th shade from Wet 'n Wild Vanity
f. Whatever is left press outside corner lower lash line
g. Bronzer on forehead, cheeks
h. MAC Melba blush: Elf Candid Coral
i. Mascara
My Thoughts: For the lips I wore Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Coral Reef.

I have more redheaded looks to come!

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