Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Favorites

1. The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald: This is one of my all-time favorite books! I remember reading this back in high school, but I think I like it better now. I'm glad I reread it. I'm excited for the new movie to come out with Leonardo Dicaprio. This story has a great message to it. "All that glitters is not gold." Just because someone seems to have a perfect life, doesn't mean they are happy. You can have everything, but still not be satisfied.

2. Tired of Trying to Measure Up by Jeff VanVonderen: This is a self-help book I just finished reading. I had something upsetting happen to me at work, and I was really disturbed by how I feel on my job. I feel like I'm always trying to make everyone happy. I also feel ashamed of myself. So my mom recommended this book to me. It helped me to realize I don't need to try so hard to please people. I am good, just being myself. Of course, I'm not perfect. But growing is a gradual process that doesn't need to be choked out of you.

3. Elf Professional Smudge Eye Sponge: When I want to smudge an eyeliner this works really well. And it was inexpensive.

4. Revlon Nail Enamel in 430 Whimsical: This is a blue with glitter nail polish. It is supposedly a dupe for Deborah Lippman's Glitter in the Air. My picture isn't very good. You should google the polish to see better pictures. I wore this over Sinful Nails Cinderella because I wanted a blue base.

5. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in 410 Love Letter: My ring finger has it on. It says, "love" in cursive. It's hard to see. I saw someone do this when I did Google Images, and I thought this would be nice for Valentine's Day. The red nail polish is Essie's Lollipop.

6. Revlon Nail Enamel in 780 Ritzy: This is a black with huge chunks of glitter. I have never worn black on my nails before, but I thought this looked really pretty. And it went well with the Sally Hansen Love Letter (which lasted a long time on my nails.)

7. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: At the beginning of the month I noticed my forehead was being ultra sensitive to everything I was putting on it. I was getting what looked like a rash! I decided to change everything I was using, so it would be more gentle on my forehead. I used this to wash my forehead, instead of the Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser I normally use. This is really good.

8. Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Normal/Dry Skin in Ivory: I have used this before and I couldn't stand the smell. I must have had a bad bottle because this has no scent. I got the one for oily skin too because I thought my skin was oily. I must have normal skin on my face and dry skin on my forehead. (At least in the winter time.) This foundation went on better than the oily skin one did. It also didn't irritate my forehead.

9. Olay Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream: I am in my 30's and I feel like I should be wearing an eye cream to ward off wrinkles. I'm still not in the habit of putting this on at night. It feels really good. It doesn't sting. It's a nice moisturizing feeling.

10. Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner: I found a kit at Target that came with the shampoo and conditioner, and a leave in oil. I have wanted to try this for awhile, so I decided to get it. It is is very moisturizing for the hair. I skip the oil because it leaves my hair too oily. I think it works well. I like the Organix products.

11. Covergirl Cheekers Blush in Rose Silk: This is a luminous rose pink color. On my skin tone it looks like a natural flush. I have warm coloring. My mom has cool coloring and it looks good on her too! I have worn this blush since I started wearing makeup. I think I started wearing makeup in junior high or high school. I didn't wear a lot. But I always wore this blush I remember.

12. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise in Black: I wanted to get the Jordana Liquid Liner again, but it was all sold out at my local store. I've been hearing about the Maybelline one, so I was curious to try it. I like it. I recommend the Jordana one though because it is just as good and it is cheaper.

13. Bodycology Shower Gel in After Dark: I really like the way this smells and lathers. My mom didn't like the smell though, so I guess not everyone will like the way this smells. It has amber crystals and vanilla scent.

14. Queen Helene Oatmeal 'n Honey Natural Facial Scrub: After my apricot scrub ran out, I wanted to get a scrub that was for sensitive skin. I looked up reviews, and this scrub had good reviews. It has little beads in it. I use this once a week to get the dead skin off.

15. Up & Up Women's Shaving Gel in Strawberry Tangerine: I heard this was just as good as the Skintimate brand. It is cheaper, and is the Target brand. I love this! This smells so good! It makes me want to have a fruit smoothie.

I hope you liked seeing my favorites. What are your favorites this month?

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