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Pretty Makeup Looks 2013 Part 3

I chose to put a picture of the ocean here because going to the beach is one of my favorite activities and I think you can get the prettiest pictures at the beach. This is a picture of a beach in Hawaii. I have never gone there, but it is one of the places I would like to visit. Since this is a list of some pretty looks, I wanted to include a pretty picture of course. I wish the summer would last forever. Pictures of beaches make me think of summer.

These are 10 looks I found on Youtube that inspired me and after doing my best to copy them on my face, I feel they have made me look pretty and get my stamp of approval. A lot of these looks are old because I have such a long list of looks! I can't keep up with them! I also have found people this summer who I like their makeup looks and have watched their older videos. So some of these people are new to me. Maybe they will be new to you.

These are the products I used a lot:

Concealer: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Radiant (under eyes), Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Ivory (blemishes), Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
Eye Shadow Primer: Milani Eyeshadow Primer
Mascara: Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara in Black (top lashes), Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Waterproof in Very Black (bottom lashes)
Brown Eye Liner: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Brown
Black Eye Liner: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
Black Liquid Liner: Jordana Incolor Fabuliner Liquid Eye Liner in Black
Black Gel Liner: Essence Midnight in Paris
Face Primer: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base, L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer
Foundation: Boots No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in Cool Ivory
Powder: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Light
Bronzer: Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Powder in Matte Light
Lip Balm: Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched

In these looks I list what the person used, where they put it, and then what I used to duplicate the look. Sometimes I have the same products they used, in those cases I just leave it blank. Like in the first look I used almost everything she used because I already had it. I try to use what I already have, instead of running out and buying what the video person uses. I like to use inexpensive products. So a lot of the times I will find a cheaper dupe to a high end product someone uses. I hope that people will be inspired to save their money and shop their stash of makeup that they already have to do a look or maybe it will be helpful to see an inexpensive dupe they could get if they don't want to spend a lot of money. Also, sometimes I like the looks done by people in other countries who use products that I don't have in the U.S. or they use products that were limited edition or discontinued. I hope this all make sense. I'm doing my best to explain my reasoning behind these blog posts. I hope someone found it helpful. If you are still confused, just click the link to the video and watch the person do the look and hopefully that will make more sense. Sometimes the people teach what they are doing as they do it, and you can learn a lot about how to apply your makeup. I have learned so much.

These are the 10 pretty looks:

1. Green & Taupe Drugstore Makeup Tutorial by MakeupByAlli
a. Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone Palette, top right color, eyelid
b. Same Palette, 3rd on the right, outer crease
c. Same Palette, 2nd on the right, crease, blend it out
d. Same Palette, 1st color on the left, under brow
e. Cover Girl Eye Liner in Green Glow, lower lash line: Pixiglow Straight On Till Morning Liner in 2nd Star Twinkle
f. Same Palette, 4th color on the right, line upper lash line bottom edge of outer v, lower lashes 2/3
g. Same Palette, 2nd color on the right, lower lash line, tear duct, brush all along the lower lashes
h. Same Palette, 1st color on the left, inner corner
i. Black Liquid Liner, upper lash line, wing
j. Brown Eye Liner, waterline, tightline
k. Mascara
l. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
m. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Charm
n. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Peach Petal, blend with finger
My Thoughts: I'm really proud of myself because this is the first time I've done the wing liner, and I think I did a good job! I think it's because I've been watching a lot of videos where people have done the wing, so I've learned or maybe I just got lucky today. The eyes are very green. I guess the taupe is on the eyelid. Everything else is green. It is really pretty.

2. Half Face Drugstore; other Half Highend Makeup by Melissa Raymond
a. Foundation
b. Concealer
c. Bronzer, hollows of cheeks, sides of nose, jaw, temples
d. MAC Pinch O Peach/NYX Bourgeois Pig: I used Covergirl Pretty Peach Blush.
e. NYX Aqua Marine, center color/ Urban Decay Peace, eyelid into the crease: I used Peace from the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box.
f. MAC Scene/Revlon Eyeshadow Quad in Goddess, gray color, crease: I used Revlon Goddess.
g. MAC Gesso/Revlon Eyeshadow Quad in Goddess, white color, under brow: I used Revlon Goddess.
h. Black Eye Liner, upper lash line, smudge it out, lower lash line, outer half, smudge it out
i. Urban Decay Peace, lower lash line
j. Mascara
k. NYX Lip Liner in Fuchsia: I used Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Indian Pink.
l. MAC Up the Amp/Maybelline Vivid in Brazen Berry: I used Wet 'n Wild Lipstick in 525d Retro Pink. (It is supposed to be a dupe for MAC Up the Amp.)
My Thoughts: I love it when people do half face high end, half face drugstore. You can really see how the makeup compares. The person has to find a very close dupe in order for the look to work. I love it when people find dupes. I hope it isn't too confusing for me to list the products because sometimes I used a third product that is a dupe of the dupe, or a different dupe of the highend product. I don't know if I like the blue eyes. I'm afraid I look like the woman on the Drew Carey show. I really like the color. I think if I'm going to wear the color, this is the way to wear it. The gray looks good in the crease, and I think the black liner makes the look more wearable.

3. Pumpkin & Poppy Cosmetics One Ring Full Collection Tutorial by cosmetic couturier
a. My Precious Cream Shadow on lid: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold
b. Lady of Light under brow bone: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige
c. Archer, eyelid: Too Faced The Return of Sexy Palette in Ingenue
d. Evil Eye, crease: Elf 100 Eye Shadow Palette in a combo of two colors, 7th column, 4th down and 5th column, 7th down (a red and orange mix)
e. Louvre from Au Natural Collection, under brows: Elf Evil Queen Beauty Book in Vanity
f. Ice Princess, under arch of brow and inner tear duct: Wet 'n Wild I Heart Matte, 1st color
g. Strider, outer corner and crease: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion in Forest Fury, dark forest green color
h. Wise Wizard, deep crease and outer corner: L'Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Sultry Smoke
i. Baquette from Au Natural Line, blend out the edges of the dark colors: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 2nd color
j. Black Liquid Liner, top lash line, wing
k. Black Eye Liner, lower lash line
l. Shire, lower lash line: Maybelline Enchanted Forest, crease color
m. Archer, inner part of lower lash line: Too Faced The Return of Sexy Palette in Ingenue
n. Mascara
o. Foundation
p. Lady of Light Cream Base Highlighter, tops of cheekbones, cupid's bow, above the eyebrow: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige
q. Powder
r. Kimber Blush from The Gem Collection: Bare Minerals Blush in Joyous Jennifer
s. Inglot Lip Liner 67, fill in lips: Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner Definer in East End Snob
t. Pumpkin & Poppy Cosmetics Cream Eye Shadow in Lock Bearer, on the lips: I skipped this step.
u. Pumpkin & Poppy Cosmetics Lip Butter in Evenstar: Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in Mocha Berry
My Thoughts: I think this look is good for hazel eyes. The colors complement my eye color I think. The eye look reminds me of a fall look. Actually, the whole look has fall colors in it. It looks good if you have warm coloring. I also really like the names of things in this collection. The makeup collection was inspired by "The Lord of the Rings." I love those books and movies! It is a lot of makeup, but it is really beautiful. I definitely felt like a makeup artist, doing this look.

4. Lauren Conrad Everyday Makeup Inspired Tutorial by Elle Fowler
a. Concealer, under eyes and on lids, blend in with foundation brush
b. MAC Brûlée, from lashes to brow: Wet 'n Wild Brûlée
c. MAC Espresso, in crease: 5th shade in Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals Palette
d. Black Gel Liner, upper lash line, wing
e. Mascara, brush out at an angle
f. Black Eye Liner, waterline, tightline outer corner
g. NARS Multiple Orgasm: Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin
h. Bronzer, temples, hollows of cheeks, under jaw, nose
i. NYX Goddess of the Night in Sweet Heart: Elf Lip Gloss in Blossom
My Thoughts: My face was red today, so I used L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer. Then I used Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer with the greenish color over any red spots. Then I put my foundation on. This is an old look, but I still think it's a pretty, everyday look.

5. How to Look Like a Victoria's Secret Model by Tanya Burr
a. Foundation
b. Concealer
c. Bronzer on cheeks, temples, forehead, nose
d. Highlight top of cheekbones, brow bone: Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana
e. Burberry tangerine blush: Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Minerals Loose Blush in Barely Peach
f. Sienna X Illuminating Bronze Pencil over eyelid, blend with finger: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
g. Gold Pencil, inner corner and blend with finger: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold
h. MAC Smut, top lash line center of lid to outer, lower lash line to center of eye: 2nd shade in Elf Day to Night Palette
i. Golden Brown Eye Liner, waterline: Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cafe Gold
j. Mascara
k. Burberry Lipstick in Sepia Pink, blend in with finger: Boots No.7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Bare
l. Burberry Lip Gloss in Nutmeg: Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Rose Pearl
My Thoughts: This look is pretty on warm skin tones. It looks like a fall look to me. It's really easy to do.

6. (RQ) Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Makeup Tutorial by TheDailyCupcake
a. Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, Heaven and Silk Teddy, lash line to eyebrow, with a sponge tip applicator: Wet 'n Wild Brûlée and L'Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Iced Latte
b. Same Palette, Honey Pot and NYX Eye Shadow in Cherry, crease, blending brush: L'Oreal Hip Duo in Dynamic, left side with Wet 'n Wild Knock on Wood, red color
c. Same Palette, Coco Puff, Push-Up and NYX Eye Shadow in Cherry, outer half of lid, outer v, outer crease, maybe watch video to see how she does it, she used a sponge tip applicator: Maybelline Eye Studio in Natural Shock, 4th color, Elf Baked Eye Shadow in Toasted
d. Blend it out with the blending brush.
e. Black Liquid Liner, upper lash line, wing
f. Mascara top lashes
g. NYX Bronze Glitter Pencil in waterline, lower lash line, bring it up along side the wing: Elf Shimmer Eye Liner Pencil in Boldly Bronzed
h. Same Palette, Push Up and NYX Eye Shadow in Cherry, lower lash line, using an eye liner brush
i. Same Palette, Silk Teddy and Nude Beach, inner half of lower lash line, using the same eye liner brush: L'Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Iced Latte
j. Mascara bottom lashes
k. Same Palette, Silk Teddy and Heaven, inner half of eye, with the sponge tip applicator: Wet 'n Wild Brûlée and L'Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Iced Latte
l. Same Palette, Silk Teddy and Nude Beach, tearduct, with sponge tip applicator: L'Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Iced Latte
m. NYX Blush in Pinky: Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Pink
n. Rimmel East End Snob Lip Liner
o. NYX Lip Liner in Peony
p. Rimmel Lipstick in Nostalgia: Covergirl Lipstick in Rapture
q. NYX Eye Shadow in Barely There over the lips: Wet 'n Wild Walking on Eggshells, 1st color
My Thoughts: In my dupe list I have found that Stila Kitten is a dupe for both Silk Teddy and Nude Beach, so whenever it says to use both colors I'm just going to use my dupe for Stila Kitten (which is Iced Latte). She doesn't say how she wears the two lip liners. It just lists that is what she is wearing. She doesn't show herself putting on the lip products. I have both lip liners, so what I did was I lined my lips and filled them in with East End Snob. Then with Peony I just lined my lips and blended it in. Make sure your lips are exfoliated really well or else it won't look good. I used the Elf Lip Exfoliator. Rimmel Nostalgia has been discontinued I think. I couldn't find it in the stores. I'm really not used to doing my eyes like she does them. I think my eye is shaped differently than her's, so it is difficult to do the outer v shape for me. Before I did my wing, I used a makeup wipe to clean up the edge of my eye shadow to make sure it was lined up with the end of my eye and my eyebrow. This is a really pretty look. It reminds me of the Spring or Summer. The Daily Cupcake is such a gem! I'm so glad I found her. She doesn't have very many videos. I guess she had an old channel. She is hilarious! I love her! She has such great fashion sense and she is so pretty. She seems very down to earth. I really recommend her.

7. Natural Bronze Makeup Tutorial by pinksofoxy
a. Eye Primer
b. Too Faced Summer Eye Palette, Peach Fuzz, inner half of lid, inner corner: Wet 'n Wild Silent Treatment, browbone color
c. Same Palette, Toasted Coconut, outer 1/3 up to the crease, crescent moon shape, see video: Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone, 3rd color
d. Same Palette, Chocolate Sun, outer lash line, outer v with a slight wing, up into the crease just slightly: Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals, 5th color
e. Blend it out.
f. Toasted Coconut, tip of blending brush, inside the outer v and drag it in a little in the crease
g. MAC Brûlée, browbone highlight: Wet 'n Wild Brûlée
h. MAC Dazzlelight, inner corner: lightest color in Maybelline Enchanted Forest
i. Toasted Coconut, outer 1/3 of lower lash line
j. Black Gel Liner, outer half of upper lash line, close to lashes, wing, see video
k. Mascara
l. Nude Eye Liner, waterline
m. Powder
n. Victoria's Secret Goddess Bronzer on cheeks, forehead, nose: Wet 'n Wild Bronzer in Everything Under the Sun
o. MAC Blush in Sunbasque: Hard Candy Blush Crush in Bombshell
p. Makeup Forever Lip Liner 1c: Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses in Spice
q. MAC Lipstick in Freckletone: Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brûlée
My Thoughts: Again, I'm having trouble following the eye shape she makes with the brown colors, so I'm afraid it looks kind of funny. I'm going to take my makeup wipe and make the angle go from the end of my eye to the end of my eyebrow in a clean diagonal. If you watch the video, you can see how perfectly she lines her gel liner. I totally botched it up. I'm going to take a q-tip and clean up my line. I'm going to go in and add more of the peach from Silent Treatment to my eyelid because I removed some of it with the makeup remover on the q-tip. Some people use tape to make their wings. I'm going to have to try that one of these days. The bronzer I used is different than my normal contour bronzer. This one isn't matte. It was also limited edition, but you could use any bronzer that has a shimmer in it. It is pretty simple to find a bronzer like that. The Bombshell blush is pretty dark for my skin color, but I used a light hand and I think it looks really pretty. I think it goes with my warm coloring. It almost looks like a sun burn turning into a tan, so it looks natural on my face. I hope I don't look too bronzed in the face compared to my neck and the rest of my body. The lip liner Spice looks so natural on my lips. It is a "my lips but better" lip liner. I love it! I really like this look. I feel like a bronzed goddess! xD

8. Rachel Weisz - Oz the Great and Powerful - Makeup Tutorial by pixiwoo
a. Face Primer
b. Foundation
c. Sleek Au Naturale Divine Palette, looking at it with the black on the top left, she uses the third from the right all over the lid: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 2nd color
d. Same Palette, the one right above the lid color, she uses in the socket: Wet 'n Wild I Heart Matte, 7th color
e. Same color, outer part of lid at an angle (see video)
f. Same color, outer half of lower lash line
g. Black Liquid Liner, upper lash line, little flick
h. Mascara top lashes
i. Concealer
j. Mascara on bottom lashes
k. MAC Blush in Buff, back of the cheekbones: Milani Blush in Warm Petals
l. Illamasqua Cream Blush in Ravish, used a stippling brush: The Balm Stainiac in Beauty Queen
m. MAC Beet Lip Liner: Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Contouring Pencil in Red Dynamite
n. Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Smitten Red: Revlon Cherries in the Snow
o. Bourjois Lip Gloss 06: Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss in Hot Mess
My Thoughts: Again, I find it difficult to do the outer v part, I guess I'm a slow learner. I wish Sam would come over to my house and draw a diagram on my eye and say, "Here, color in this part this color." Whatever it is that I came up with still looks good, but I'm just a perfectionist I guess and I feel like I still didn't do it right. The look is very glamorous. For some reason I feel fancy when I have a red glossy lip on.

9. Ballerina Look (Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 Makeup by cl2425
a. Face Primer
b. Foundation
c. MAC Rubenesque on lid: 3rd shade in Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows in Va Va Va Bloom
d. MAC Naked Lunch on lid: 1st shade in Wet 'n Wild Sand Castle
e. MAC Expensive Pink on crease: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
f. Chanel Les 4 Ombre's in Radiant Gems, brown with red undertones, crease: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 3rd color
g. Eye Liner Pencil, upper lash line, thicker as you go outside, lower lash line a little bit
h. MAC Nylon, inner corner, down the nose just the middle, cupid's bow, top of cheekbones: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 4th shade
i. Mascara
j. The Face Shop Illuminating Blush in Violet: Bare Minerals Blush in Kiss
k. Missha Lip Gloss + Lip Balm, nudey pink color: Elf Hypershine Lip Gloss in Blossom
My Thoughts: I wasn't sure how I would like Luminoso on my eye, but it looks really pretty. It also helps to have the brown in the crease. The Kiss blush is so pretty. This is a really pretty peachy-pink look. It's very cute and easy to do.

10. Get Ready with me to Film & Chat by Melissa Raymond
a. Catrice Made to Stay Copper & Gabbana, eyelid: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold
b. Lorac Pro Palette in Light Bronze, inner 1/3 of eyelid: Pixi Fairy Face Palette, 4th color
c. Same Palette, Gold, outer part of eye lid: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 5th color
d. Same Palette, Taupe, crease: The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude in Matt Abdul
e. Same Palette, Sable, outer eyelid, half way outer crease: Wet 'n Wild Vanity, 6th color
f. Clean brush to blend it all out.
g. Same Palette, Cream, under brow: Wet 'n Wild I Heart Matte, 5th color
h. Same Palette, Nude, inner corner: Wet 'n Wild Fauna, highlight color
i. Black Eye Liner, upper lash line, outer lower lash line
j. Stila Oscar Fish Eye Liner, lower lash line: Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cafe Gold
k. Mascara
l. Foundation
m. Concealer
n. Powder
o. Bronzer, hollows of cheeks
p. Sonia Kashuk Blush in Sunset
q. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer, top of cheekbones, nose, cupid's bow, under brows
r. Revlon Lip Liner in Rose (but she wanted a coral lip liner): L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Liner in Coral
s. Makeup Forever 38 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick: Maybelline Vivid in Shocking Coral
t. MAC Lip Glass in Pink Lemonade: Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Coral Reef
My Thoughts: I love Sunset blush. I'm so happy I got it. It is like a matte coral blush. I really recommend it. The eyes are neutral and the lips are coral. This is a nice summertime look.

People can comment now! Please leave me a comment and tell me what looks you've been wearing this month! I love to get new ideas.

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