Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fall Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Old Hollywood!

Yay! My Fall Fortune Cookie Soap Box has arrived! This is my favorite box I get in the mail compared to Birchbox and IPSY. I opened up all these goodies and it filled the room with delicious smells! I think my favorite smells are Autumn smells. Also, I took this first photo with my new iPhone, so I am going to have to learn how to take pictures with my phone and how to upload the pictures to my blog. I think the quality of the picture is really good!

The theme of this season's box is Old Hollywood. "What lies behind the silver screen." I like the fairy tale themes better but this is ok. There was a pearl in the box. There is always some item in it that reflects the theme.

1. Dressed to Kill Fortune Cookie Soap: "Drop dead...GAWJUS. Dribbles of mulled, red wine, swirled with dark, rich vanilla and cut apples, and a dusting of spice." I can't really smell this very well. I don't smell the vanilla or apple. Maybe I smell a little bit of spice. It is very subtle. It is gold and glittery. I don't use this because I like using shower gels instead. It has a fortune that comes inside and there are a variety of different fortunes people can get because I watch videos on Youtube about unboxings and people get different fortunes than me. The one I got was not really a fortune just a quote from the movie Planet of the Apes. "Take your stink in' paws off me, you damn dirty ape."

2. Hollywood Dreams - Shampoo Bar: "It's not always what it seems. Imagine that!!! Fall is in the (h)air!! Brown sugar dusted graham crackers, fresh churned apple butter, sprinkled with nuts and a hint of maple. See website for directions -" Oh my gosh! This smells so good! I could eat this! I might actually try this on my hair, even though I like traditional shampoo in the liquid form. But this smells so good! This smells like fall to me.

3. Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats - Whipped Cream: "Hey! That's not a Violin! famous last words. Grandma's apple pie, dusted with freshly shaved cinnamon, nutmeg and warm brown sugar, topped with rich, creamy, marshmallow fluff." I love these lotions. They are moisturizing and smell so good. This one doesn't smell that wonderful to me though. It doesn't smell bad, it just doesn't have the kind of scent I like I guess.

4. Scandal - Bath Powder: "I'm not addicted...I just like the smell of it. Creaking woods, wind blown leaves, and twisted rose thorns. Add entire bag to bath...enjoy!" This smells like leaves! I love it. I don't really take baths, but I would try this.

5. Famous - Wax Tart: "You're a star - at least to us! Warm amber, wild orchid, fluttering white cotton, sundried herbs." This smells pretty like potpourri.

6. Glitz & Glamour - OCD Hand Sanitizer: "Put it on classy, take it off trashy. Wet moss, polished woods, creamy vanilla." This is my favorite hand sanitizer I've tried from them. It smells like vanilla to me. It has gold sparkles in it too.

7. American Royalty - Pomade: "Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Rose milk, thick honey and warming tobacco blossom wrapped with caramel and notes of mandarin. See website for directions." This has an interesting smell. I think this is more masculine of a smell. I might put this in my hair when I have a ponytail and I want to slick back my hair.

8. Pearls & Girls - Perfume Oil: "Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but he always wants to give me a pearl necklace. Oh well! Crushed and distilled vanilla creeping with wild jasmine and a splash of juicy pear." I love the way this smells! This is new I think for Fortune Cookie to have the perfume in a little sprayer.

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