Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beauty Yearbook Tag

I saw this video: by Melmphs. It's the Beauty Yearbook Tag and it looked like a fun tag to do. If you know my blog, you know how I'm obsessed with Beauty Youtube videos. So this is the perfect tag for me to do. If you do the tag, let me know in the comments! I'd like to see who you would choose!

1. A Youtuber who inspired you to start your channel (or in my case blog): Everybody did! I can't choose one. I caught the bug from watching lots of Youtube videos. I'm too shy to make videos, but when I discovered how easy it was to make a blog, I decided to do it this way.

2. Most Soothing Voice: She is from England and she has a beautiful accent and a Marilyn Monroe type voice.

3. Youtuber that deserves more subscribers: She actually is one of my subscribers! I think she is amazing. She's a talented makeup artist and cellist.
Also, She is absolutely gorgeous and has great beauty, style, and hair advice. I can't believe she only has 12,631 subscribers!

4. Who makes you laugh: She is from the south and she reminds me of Wanda Sykes sometimes. I love watching her videos. She is so funny. She has a quirky personality. I love her. She has a great personality. She is from Canada and lives in England. You don't know what is going to come out of her mouth. She makes me laugh so hard.

5. Best hair: She has strawberry blond hair, that is silky straight and long. I love her hair. It reminds me of my cousin, Amy's hair. I wish mine looked like that!

6. Bad for the wallet: She does a lot of drugstore type videos. I end up going to the drugstore feeling like I'm going to save money, but I end up getting so much makeup, I spend too much. :(

7. Most envied collection: She's a subscriber of this blog! Oh my gosh, look at her collection video! She has everything you could possibly want. I love her makeup.

8. Best Thumbnails: She does this cool sectional thing. Like she will put more than one picture in the thumbnail and arrange them in boxes. I think it looks pretty cool.

9. Most Original: She is just really unique. She has her own unique style and she is just an original personality.

10. Cutest Background: She has a white sheet and the cutest little fairy lights behind the sheet. I think it looks so pretty.

11. Best Fashion or Style: She has a feminine style that is trendy, but not too trendy. She looks really sophisticated. I love her jewelry. I wish she was my personal shopper.

12. Cutest Pet: Her dog isn't always in her videos, but I love it when he is. I think he is a golden retriever. He is so loving. And you can tell Michele loves her dog. It's the cutest thing to see.

13. Who seems like she would be your best friend: This is hard to pick because I think I like watching all of these people because I feel like they are my friends. She is from England. And I think we would be good friends. She seems like a lot of fun to be with.

14. Best Editing: She is also very original. She edits in subtitles for English speakers. She also does funny things with Barbie dolls and her little dogs. She's very creative.

15. Best Newbie: I don't think I'm subscribed to any newbies. So I couldn't think of one.

I hope you check out these people, and find some that you like! I TAG everyone to do this!

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