Monday, August 18, 2014

Real Housewives Addiction TAG!

I saw this TAG today on Leighannsays Youtube channel. She created it with her friend and I thought it was so funny and perfect for me because I am obviously addicted to this crazy show. Almost every month I list The Real Housewives as my favorite TV show.

1. Favorite Cast/City?

I think I liked this one the best because there was a lot of drama between Teresa and the woman in the middle (I forget her name). Now Teresa's sister-in-law has been on the show with her family, and I like to watch the dynamics between their two families.

2. Least Favorite Cast/City?

I don't know why I don't watch this one. I think there was even too much drama even for me. I have seen some episodes and reunions that I thought were interesting, but I don't usually watch this one.

3. If you were on the housewives, what would your tagline be? This is a funny question. Mine would be "I don't got time for stupid." lol xD

4. Best Hair and Makeup?

I really like Kyle Richard's hair. It always looks so thick and shiny and long.

I think Lizzie Rovsek has pretty makeup. She looks like Sophia Loren to me.

5. Who's closet would you shop?

There are no plus size housewives, so I wouldn't fit into any of their clothes. I am more of a casual dresser, and most of the housewives dress up too much for my personal taste.

6. Who's house would you want to live in?

I don't think I would want to live in a big house. A lot of their houses seem too fancy for me. They wouldn't feel warm and cozy to me. I have never seen inside one of their homes and thought that I really like their style of decorating or anything. The only thing I like is when someone owns a pool. I wouldn't mind owning a pool. 

7. Best looking husband?

I think Mauricio is handsome.

Apollo is handsome too.

8. Who's bad side would you never want to be on?

Teresa has a bad temper! She is the one that flipped the table over one time! And she looks really strong. I think she could beat me up.

9. Who starts the most drama?

Tamra makes things up! She is always lying! I think she does it to make drama on the show. She acts like she is friends with one person, and then goes behind their back and talks bad about them and tries to be friends with someone else. I don't trust her. 

10. Who's family do you feel the most sorry for?

I feel sorry for them because it seems as though the husband is going to go to jail, and I just feel sorry for their girls. I don't think they will do well with their dad in jail. I feel bad whenever I see the older daughter cry. I just think it's a sad situation. I feel bad for Teresa, how she feels like she has to hold it together for her family. That family needs counseling.

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