Monday, August 4, 2014

Lush Shark Fin Soap

There was an article I read about sharks going extinct because people cut off the fins. 95% of the animal is discarded! It saddened me, and I felt motivate to donate to this cause to end this horrible treatment of sharks. I signed the petition, and I bought the Lush Shark Fin Soap that only cost $5.95. All proceeds go to this movement.

This is what the Lush website says, "A refreshing soap with ingredients from the sea. Did you know that every year up to 100 million sharks are needlessly killed for shark fin soup? Take a bite out of shark finning with our limited edition sea-inspired soap! Created for Discovery Channel's Shark Week, its softening seaweed, scrubby fine sea salt and zesty lime oil make it a refreshing way to cool down this summer. 100% of the price of this soap will be donated to United Conservationists, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of sharks through its Fin Free movement. Now you can swim with the sharks, and help protect them too!"

Review: It smells really good. It smells like lime. You can see the seaweed and sea salt on the bottom of the soap. It is a nice size soap too! I'm not used to using soap. I usually use body wash with a loofah. I know it is more environmentally friendly to use bars of soap because you don't have garbage to throw away. The soap doesn't create a lather, which I am used to. It made my skin really clean and soft! I thought maybe it would be too abrasive because of the sea salt, but it isn't at all. I really like this soap!

Queen of Hearts Soap: Whenever I have ordered from Lush they always have given me a free sample. This is what the website has to say about the product. I like to read what it says on the website because it is funny and tells you what is inside the product and what it is created to do. "Off with your dirt! Normally, we advise against washing your face with our soaps but we give you permission to do so with Queen of Hearts. Why? Other soaps are designed for much stronger skin while the Queen is made with a beautiful rose petal infusion base making it much gentler than other body soaps. Cocoa butter keeps skin flexible while moisturizing almond and balancing geranium oils leave you feeling fresh and soft. The Queen cleans without drying out your face; if you must wash your face with soap, please choose this one (on orders from the Queen).

Review: Normally, I use facial soap that has benzoyl peroxide in it or salicylic acid because that is what my dermatologist has recommended to me. I don't like to deviate from what she says to do, but I'm going to try this soap out. It sounds really lovely. It is strange using a bar of soap on my face because I'm used to squeezing out a face wash that creates more of a lather. I just got the bar wet and slid it across my face and the areas I could do that I got my hands soapy and washed with my hands. The soap was not harsh at all. It left my skin feeling good and clean. I still used a moisturizer. I think what I normally use on my skin is pretty harsh because of the ingredients. If I start getting break outs I will stop using the soap and go back to my regular routine. But after the first night I woke up with no pimples, so so far it is working good.

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