Thursday, June 29, 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Look for the Summertime

This is copying Stephanie Ledda again. I love her and her looks. Whenever she posts anything on Youtube I get so excited to watch. I feel like she does pretty looks and they are up to date. I don't have her coloring. I am really porcelain colored with freckles, but I did this look anyway for the fun of it. This look is using reds and oranges. To find my dupes I used Temptalia's website mainly.

1. Sauced in the crease. I used Too Faced Peanut Butter.

2. He Devil in the crease. I used Anastasia of Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette in Realgar.

3. En Feugo in the outer v. I used ABH Red Ochre.

4. Sauced in crease again

5. Blend everything out.

6. Sauced and He Devil lower lash line

7. Chaser under the brow, blend out top of crease. I used Stila's Clay from In the Know Palette

8. Ounce under brow. I used ABH Renaissance Palette, Vermeer.

9. Scorched, I sprayed brush with water and got Garnet from Lorac Pro Palette onto lid.

10. I used a Wet 'n Wild purple eye shadow for my lower lash line. It was matte because I don't have a purple eye liner.

12. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer on top of forehead, temples, cheeks, nose to make me look like I have a little bit of a tan

13. She used a medium rosy brown, matte blush. I made my own blush using my bronzer and The Balm's Instain Blush in Houndstooth.

14. Golden highlight: top of cheekbones, above eyebrows where there is the arch, top of nose, cupid's bow and tear ducts.

15. Maybelline Nude Lip Liner. I used the Maybelline Lip Liner in Raisin.

16. She used Tarte Beach Babe Lipstick. It is light-medium, peachy-pink with warm undertones and a cream finish. I duped it with Blushing Beige Lipstick by Maybelline. 

This look was fun to create, but I feel like sometimes looks with lots of reds and oranges can make your eyes look sore, but it also can look really pretty so it's a toss up. The colors do go with the season though and I think I heard that these colors look good with any eye color.

The concealer I am really liking is Photo Finish Concealer by Wet 'n Wild. I get the lightest shade. And for lashes I used L'Oreal's Paradise Mascara and black brown. It works really well.

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