Saturday, October 8, 2011

Makeup Storage

I don't have a lot of makeup, but I've wanted to a "how I store my makeup" blog for a little while. It's not as organized as some people that you see on youtube.

This is the top of my desk. It is right by a window so I get good sunlight to do my makeup in. I have my brushes set up on top. I put all my Elf brushes in a cup. All my Ecotools brushes in a cup. All my random brushes are in a mug. My Confidential brushes are in a long vase I got from Michaels. I got sand to make the brushes sit upright. I got the sand from Michaels too.

To the side of my brushes I have a shelf. On top of the shelf I have a little container where I store my pencil eyeliners and the other container stores my gel eyeliners.

To the right of that I have q-tips and Maybelline Eye Makeup Remover.

Underneath the shelf I store my eyelash curlers and mascaras. I also have little tools I like to use like my brush cleaner, a squirt bottle with water in it, a cut card that I can use to do my mascara, and eyebrow tweezers.

Underneath I have a set of drawers. In the top drawer I have all my eyeshadows. It is sort of organized because I have things stacked. Like all my Physician Formula shadows are stacked on top of each other. All of my Revlon Creme Illuminance Shadows are stacked. Same with my Wet 'n Wild palettes. Everything else is sort of just stashed in the back.

The next drawer holds all of my face makeup. Actually, I just realized some of the face makeup isn't in there. Oh, well. So this is where I hold my foundation (even though it isn't in there). My primers, my setting sprays, my concealers, and my highlighters.

This is one of my favorite drawers because it is the most organized, and it looks pretty. I have my lipsticks and lip stains in a container. My lip glosses are organized by brand and the random ones are put in the middle. The little container in the back holds all my lip balms, lip scrub, and chap sticks.

This drawer is the opposite of the last drawer it is very messy. It has all of my blushes and bronzers. There is no organization here whatsoever.

This drawer is where I keep all of my palettes. I have a lot of Elf palettes and Wet 'n Wild 8-Pan palettes. I also have a Sephora palette and a Sonia Kashuk palette.

This is what it looks like under my desk. I keep makeup wipes, cotton rounds, makeup sponges, and that purple box on the left is my new Urban Decay Bride Kit box. I also have a pink satchel under there.

In my Urban Decay Bride Kit I store some of the things that came in the box, and also other Urban Decay things that I bought from a sale they have had, the creme shadows!

On the very top of everything I keep my nail polishes. There is also some more brushes that I don't use very often and nail polish remover.

I hope you have found it helpful. I like to see people's makeup collection because that gives me ideas for how I can better organize my makeup.

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