Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ready for Spring Haul

I'm ready for Spring. I want to see the flowers blooming, hear the birds singing, and have the sun shining. I know there are a lot of new things in the stores now, so I wanted to check things out and I got a few things from Fred Meyers and Walgreens.

1. Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar: I saw this blog post and I decided I needed to go and get the other two illuminating face powders. I already have Beauty's Touch which is a beautiful pink highlighter. My photo isn't that great, but if you go to the link you will see better the cute roses that are imprinted in this product. The Amber Nectar is a warm, peachy coral highlight.

2. Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Hermosa Rose: This I think is more like a bronzer than a highlighter. It is a peachy golden tan color.

3. Kroger Twin Blade Plus Disposable Razors for Women: These were the cheapest ones I could find. I hope they work ok.

4. Airborne Chewable Tablets: I normally drink this, but lately I've been rushing out the door in the morning and skipping my Airborne. This really helps in keeping away from the nasty bugs floating around. It has a bunch of vitamins, minerals, and herbs in it to help the immune system. This is the citrus flavor. There was also a berry flavored one.

5. Nicole by OPI Nail Polish in Love Your Life: This polish really stood out to me in the store. I wasn't intending on getting it. It has little pink hearts in the polish! It also is sparkly. I don't care that Valentine's Day is over, I still will wear this!

6. Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Cinderella: I saw a blog post on Sinful Nails new polishes. When I saw the Cinderella color I put it on my shopping list. This is the cutest sparkly light blue polish. When the light hits it you can see pink! It is the coolest color! Here is the blog where you can see the color better:

7. GNW Necklaces: These are three separate necklaces. Normally I don't wear jewelry. I don't know why. I like it on other people. I'm just a casual person I guess. These necklaces looked really pretty. They are on golden chains. One has a tear drop shaped pearl. One has a heart with a key hole inside it. The last one has a bunch of charms hanging off it: a bow, pearls, and hearts. I think they will go with my clothing. It really depends on how low they hang. I don't want to be choked!

8. Curfew Necklace: This is nickel free, and it says it has a genuine crystal and shell on it. I don't know if that is true, but it looks pretty to me. I'm allergic to nickel I think because I can only wear nickel free earrings. I didn't know necklaces might have a problem with them too. That just shows how often I wear jewelry. This is a beautiful necklace with a gold chain. It has a leaf that I guess is a shell and a flower with pink petals and a crystal in the middle. They look like little charms hanging from the necklace.

I hope you enjoyed my haul. Can you believe it is almost March?! February went by really fast for me.

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