Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's In My Purse?

I see a lot of people do this kind of video on Youtube, and I find it interesting. It gives you a chance to snoop into someone else's purse! I thought I would make a blog about my purse. Really, it's a lunch bag, but it looks like a purse.

1. My "purse" or lunch bag I got from Jenny Craig. It keeps everything cold inside. I use it to put my snack for work in it and anything else I might want to bring.

2. My favorite snack is Yoplait Fat Free Yogurts. I love the blueberry flavor.

3. This is my makeup bag. It is small, but it holds everything I need to touch up my makeup during the day. It has a pretty Monet painting on it. I love it.

4. Inside my makeup bag is a compact with pressed powder, concealer, and a lipstick.

5. These are my cough drops. I've been sick this last week. I need to stock up on more cough drops.

6. This is my zip lock bag with a spoon inside I use for my yogurt.

7. This is my little pink purse I keep all my cards in and spare change. It's cute with little pictures of clothing on it. I think I got it at Fred Meyer's a long time ago.

8. These are my breath mints. I got it in one of my Birchbox's. They taste so good. It's a little tin that looks like a leaf. It's called Minteas Resist in Lime Mojito. The mints are shaped like the tin and have a leaf design on them.

9. A green pen

10. An eraser and pencil sharpener. I work at a school so it's always nice to have these handy.

11. This is a little rose ring I got from a nail polish bottle. It was irritating to wear because the rose kept flipping over, so I had to take it off during the day and it's been lost in my purse ever since.

12. My sunglasses. I almost forgot to include these because they were on top of my head when I was taking the pictures! I got these at Walmart.

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