Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mall Haul

I was kind of feeling bad today, and I decided to get a pedicure. I have never had one done before. It was so nice! I sat in a massage chair and it was so relaxing.

I went to T.J. Max and found some Philosophy things on sale.

This is Peaches with Cream shampoo, shower gel, & bubble bath, lip gloss, and body lotion.

This is the Lime Coconut, Pineapple Coconut, and Orange Coconut shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath.

I found this really cute little bag with containers for traveling and it came with Hello Kitty labels!

After getting my pedicure, I went to Forever 21 to look at their jewelry. I was in heaven! They had the cutest stuff there! I have seen people on YouTube get cute things from that store, but I had never been there myself. This is what I got. In total it cost $20.20!

This is hard to see. It is a leaf with an amber jewel next to it.

These are cute cupcakes. With fake diamonds on top and light pink gems as frosting.

This is a golden butterfly necklace.

I love the white roses on the bottom.

These are a bunch of bracelets. I love the color.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my haul! Take care everyone!

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