Sunday, June 3, 2012

Collective Summer Haul

I'm eagerly awaiting the beginning of Summer. I think it is my favorite season. These past few weeks I've gone shopping and have collected some things in preparation for the hot season and a trip to the beach that is coming up.

1. I found this beach towel at Fred Meyers. Isn't it so cool?! They had a lot of different ones and I wanted to buy them all because they had such cool designs. It's brand is HD Designs Outdoors. It's a 100% cotton beach towel.

2. I recently had an eye appointment, and got a new prescription. I decided to get some sunglasses. These are Bebe. I love the design across the top and the sides.

3. I found this beach bag at Fred Meyers too. I just like the colors. It's brand is "Life is a Beach!"

4. Isn't this a cute sun hat?! I love the little white flower on the back. I thought this would look pretty to wear on the beach. I'm really pale so it's probably best for me to wear a hat or else I'll get sunburned. I got this at Fred Meyers the brand is August.

5. I think these flip flops are so beautiful. They are rose gold with jewels on the top. I found these at Target. The brand is Mossimo. They don't have a lot of cushion though, so they hurt the feet after a little while of wearing them.

6. I hear a trend that is popular right now is "arm candy." I thought I would look around at the jewelry department and see if I could find something I would wear. I found these pretty bracelets at Fred Meyers. The brand is GNW and they are nickel free which is really good for me because my skin is sensitive to jewelry on my arms or ears.

7. I got this bracelet from Fashion Bug. It was on sale. It has a draw string. I thought it would look cute with an outfit with jeans. I wear casual clothing all the time so I wanted casual types of jewelry.

8. These are anklets from Fashion Bug. I normally don't wear anklets, but I thought these were so cute. I love the one with brown beads and a white rose.

9. I got a bunch of shorts and capris at Fashion Bug too. These are just plain jean shorts with a cute belt.

10. These are some cute light wash jean capris. The brand is Zanadi. It has a white belt with silver studs. I like the designs on the back pockets. It's a stretchy material which makes them feel comfortable.

11. Here are some dark wash jean shorts. They are also by the brand Zanadi. They have a black belt with gold, black, and clear jewels on it. They have a cute design on the back pockets too.

12. These are Zanadi jean capris with a black belt a clear jewels on it. They have holes in them which is just ok to me. I tried to find ones with no holes in my size, but I couldn't find any. I guess ripped jeans are fashionable. I just feel they may be a little too casual for work. I only have 10 more days of work before vacation! Woohoo!

13. Can you tell that turquoise is my favorite color? They had cute t-shirts at Fashion Bug too. I liked the front cut out at the top of these. They feel so light weight and perfect for a hot day.

I hope you enjoyed my haul. Did you go shopping for the Summer season? What did you get?

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