Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hitting Pan and Empties

Finally, I have gathered 10 products that I have either finished or hit pan on. When you hit pan on a product that means you have come to the bottom of the product so you can see the bottom of the "pan." I saw someone's video when she included the products where she "hit pan" because she wanted to be able to show the product still before it was all gone. I thought that was a good idea, so I fished out all my products I have hit pan on and included them in my collection.

1. St. Ives Ultra Gentle Apricot Scrub

This smells good, and it exfoliates the skin. I didn't repurchase this because I felt like I could find something that would do a better job. I was looking for something with more fine beads in it.

2. Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo

I like this shampoo. It is supposed to strengthen hair, and I think it does make my hair look nice. I'm not sure if it is stronger. I'm still using the conditioner that goes with this. It smells really good. I like the Organix products. I would repurchase this, but I have other shampoos that I need to finish using. When it is time for me to buy a new shampoo, I probably will buy one I haven't tried because I like to try out different shampoos.

3. Epielle Green Tea Cleansing Tissues

I get these from Big Lots for only $1. It comes with 30 tissues. My mom and I love these. I keep these at my makeup table, and I use them to clean up under my eyes, wipe off my hands, or take off my make up. I normally wash my face to take my makeup off, but sometimes when I want to be quick, I use these wipes. I love them! I repurchase them. This time I went to the store, the green tea wasn't there, I'm trying the cucumber wipes. They work good, but they have a cucumber smell which is ok to me. Some people may not like it. There is also a regular kind, and an aloe vera kind I think.

4. Wet 'n Wild Vanity Palette

I have just hit pan on the first color in this palette. I use this palette the most of all my eyeshadow products! It isn't available in the stores anymore, but you might be able to buy it online. The color I hit pan on is very dupable. It is my skin color. I think Wet 'n Wild Brûlée is a good dupe for it. It is a matte cream color. I use it to dupe many colors. I mention it a lot in my blog.

5. Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadows in Not Just Nudes

I hit pan on the first three colors. The first is a dupe for MAC's Painterly Paint Pot. The second is a dupe for MAC's Rubenesque. The third is a dupe for MAC's Indian Wood. You can still find this quad in the stores. The first color is a cream matte. The second is a beautiful color. I'm not sure how to describe it. The third is a matte warm medium brown. Some people don't like these cream shadows because they cause creasing. I haven't had a problem with them. I put an eye primer on first, like Too Faced Shadow Insurance. They are an inexpensive drugstore option compared to Mac's Paint Pots. These came out before Maybelline's Tattoos. I like the Tattoo's better because they wear longer. But the Revlon cream shadows are so beautiful. You can get them in a wide variety of colors and they come in quads. They are about $6.

6. L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base

I liked this. It was expensive for a drugstore product. You don't get a lot in a jar. It was good at smoothing out my skin and getting it ready for foundation. I would get this again. It's also moisturizing. After I use up the primers I have, I might repurchase this. Edit: I actually, couldn't wait. I didn't like the primers I had and couldn't wait, so I repurchased this already! This is good on wrinkles. I don't have many wrinkles, but it is good for the ones I have.

7. Sonia Kashuk How To Organically Look Natural Cosmetic Palette

I don't know if this is available anymore. I got this a while ago. I have hit pan on the eye 2 color. It's a camel brown color. I've hit pan on the blush. I've also hit pan on lip 2 and 3 colors. These look natural on me. My lips but better colors. It's a really nice palette. I used this a lot before I got really into makeup. I would just use this palette every single day.

8. Elf Blush in Peachy Keen

I think I dropped this and it broke. So I have half of it left. I love this color. It's like the name says a peach. I bought a new one already. It's inexpensive. I think it's a good blush to have in your collection.

9. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil

You get a lot of product. And it takes a while to use up! I would say several years! But I finally used it up. It looks very natural on the skin. I like this. I would repurchase this again, but it is expensive. First, I have drugstore powders I want to try. I would rather use a drugstore powder because it is more convenient to buy and inexpensive.

10. Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lashblast Water Resistant in Very Black

This was a very good mascara. I used this for three months, so now I'm throwing it away because they say that is how long a mascara lasts. I would repurchase this. I want to get something new though because I love trying new mascaras. This is true to it's name. It never clumped my lashes. I was pleased with it.

11. Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Waterproof in Very Black

I always use this for my bottom lashes. I repurchased this. This is one of my all-time favorite things!

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