Sunday, July 28, 2013

Furry Friend Tag!

I saw this tag done on Youtube by PiinkSparkles. She has two dogs, and she has done it for both of her dogs. Here is one of the videos: I love animals, and I have never done a post about Kitty, so I wanted to do one. If you have a pet, feel free to do this tag too and link to your blog in a comment down below!

♥ Questions ♥

1. What is his/her name? Kitty

2. When did you get him/her? I think it was the first year I was in teaching school, maybe 2005.

3. What is something he/she does that annoys you? She wakes me up when she wakes up very early in the morning, so she can get a treat or attention. She feels I need to be awake when she is awake.

4. What type of breed is he/she? I think she is a mix. A tabby cat. Short haired?

5. Has he/she ever had a near death experience? I don't know.

6. Does he/she know any tricks? no

7. Does he/she love to snuggle? She used to scratch and bite a lot. She is very sweet now. She doesn't like it when you pick her up, and she only gets onto my Dad's lap when he is trying to read. She doesn't go onto anyone's lap other then in those circumstances. If she meows at you, you may come over to her and pet her only for as long as she wants you to. Not too much. If she gets on the bed or couch and meows at you, that is her giving permission to pet her. She sets clear boundaries.

8. Where did you get him/her? My mom and I both volunteered for an organization called SMART, which is a program to be a mentor to children and you get to read to them. My mom was there one day when a lady told everyone about a cat in her apartment complex that needed a home. It was homeless, and she couldn't take it in because she already had the maximum number of cats. The children in the apartment area were being mean to it, and she was concerned. My mom decided spontaneously to pick up the cat. Kitty was in a carrier, and was growling like she was possessed. Both the lady and my mom were very frightened, but my mom decided if Kitty didn't like it at our home she wouldn't make her stay. She did like it here. And she made it her home.

9. Does he/she get along with other dogs? I have never seen Kitty with a dog, but I would imagine no. We used to have another cat, and Kitty didn't like her at all.

10. Does he/she get along with strangers? No, she is very shy. If we have visitors, and they stay a long enough time, Kitty will venture out of her hiding spot because she is so curious to sniff the stranger, but she will be very careful.

11. How much does he/she weight? She is 16 lb!

12. Do you ever dress him/her up? no

13. Has he/she ever tried to run away? No, she always stayed in our yard when we let her outside.

14. How did you come up with his/her name? We were thinking of different names to call her, but I think because she was homeless for so long she only came to the name Kitty.

15. How much does he/she mean to you on a scale of 1-10? 11! She is like my sister. I love her so much, I don't know what I did without her.

Something else about Kitty: She is very talkative! She has all kinds of calls and meows she makes. Sometimes she yells. She acts like she knows what we are saying when we talk to her, and my mom swears she calls us each by a different name. She is especially noisy in the morning. When I am upstairs, and she is downstairs she will call up the stairs for me to come down to her.

Also, she likes to go on walks around the house. She will stop and wait for me to follow her and we will walk around the house together. She always goes to the same places. She likes for me to open closet doors for her and cabinets. She is very snoopy.

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