Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Easter Decorations!

This year I have been really into decorating. I'm not sure why, but whenever a holiday comes around I feel the need to celebrate. These are some of the things I did. It was very easy for a beginner to do. I found the window stickers at Rite Aid.

I found this at Target. They are paper Easter eggs on a ribbon.

I found the cutest Easter Tree at Target! It is made of felt. I bought felt eggs to hang on it and they had wooden forest animals to go on it too! On Valentine's Day I got a felt heart tree from Target that reminds me of this tree.

More window stickers from Rite Aid. They had so many cute stickers, I didn't know which ones to get, so I bought three different sets.

Isn't this cute?! My aunt gave me this one Easter. It is so detailed!

I almost forgot! I found this felt wreath at Target, too. I hanged it outside my bedroom door.

It might be a little too early to start decorating for Easter, but I wanted to get this up so if you saw anything you wanted you still had time to go to Rite Aid or Target to get it. (That's why I put my Lush Easter haul up early too.)

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