Thursday, March 13, 2014

Elf Haul!

I love looking at people's Elf hauls, whether on Youtube or blogs because it helps me get an idea of what is good to get at Elf. Elf is always doing deals on their website. I think one day I was suckered into a deal, and got a bunch of things. Initially, I wanted to get their mineral powder, but for some reason they didn't send it! It must have been a mistake. But the truth is I didn't need it anyway because I'm happy with the powder I have, and the Elf Mineral Powder is too messy.

I hope this blog post is helpful to anyone wondering what to get at the elf website.

1. Elf HD Cream Blush in Headliner: This is the lightest shade of the HD cream blushes. I put a tiny bit on the back of my hand, and blended it out with a stippling brush. A little goes a long way! This is a mauve pink color. This is what it says on the back of the box, "Naturally sculpts and highlights for a soft focus effect that is great for everyday use. The Vitamin E enriched formula conditions and hydrates the skin for a healthy glow. The velvety soft, lightweight and highly pigmented color creates a long lasting result for all day wear." I like that it has Vitamin E in it because my dermatologist was recommending it to me for getting rid of acne scars. It is extremely pigmented! I was surprised. I don't know how long wearing it is. I am wearing it today, so I will report back to say how long it lasted. The HD cream blushes are $3 each.

2. Elf HD Cream Blush in Superstar: This is the second darkest color of the cream blushes. It is a coral pink. I wore this today. I think I applied too much by accident. I didn't realize how pigmented it would be! This is very nice! I hope it lasts as long as the packaging says it will. This blush did last a long time on my face!

3. Elf HD Cream Blush in Diva: This is the third darkest shade. It is a fuchsia pink. It might be too dark for my skin, but I decided to get it anyway. It is a beautiful color for the Spring and Summer. There are 2 dark shades, Encore and Showstopper. I didn't get those because I think those would be too dark for my skin color. My skin color is usually the lightest foundation you can get.

4. Elf Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths: I used these to remove the blush on the back of my hand, and it worked so well! The cloths are a big size, and they are saturated with solution. I like how there is a closure on top and a sticker on top so you can make sure the cloths are really sealed. It comes with 20 cloths, which doesn't seem like a lot to me. I'm used to the Epielle cloths. It comes with 30 for a $1. The Elf cloths were $3. I didn't like how they were inside the package. I had to take a bunch out to get to them, and it made it difficult putting the extras back in. The cloths were twisted around in the package. This is what the packaging says, "Gently and easily cleans skin to remove all traces of makeup and dirt, ever waterproof mascara. Gentle cloths are soft and soothing for even the most sensitive skin. Infused with Aloe Vera Extract for deep hydration and moisture. Great for on-the-go travel." You can also get exfoliating cleansing cloths.

5. Lotion Wipes in Vanilla & Coconut: I used these on my hands and arms after I washed off my hands. These wipes are amazing! I have never heard of lotion wipes before. It comes with 15 sheets. They are $3. They come in a variety of scents: Milk & Honey, Cucumber & Melon, Peony Petal, Shea Butter, and Sweet Mango. I didn't know which kind to get. I'm glad I got Vanilla & Coconut. This is what the packaging says, "Infused with Aloe, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Soy, Ginkgo Biloba, Coconut Milk, and Sweet Almond Oil to revitalize and nourish the skin."

6. Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer: I was curious to try out this primer. This was $6. The packaging says, "Transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas. Developed to combat excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores, and fine lines to result in a natural and youthful looking radiance. This clear multipurpose skin primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a lasting satin finish." I wore this today, and it feels just like the Benefit Porefessional or the Smashbox Primer. I don't know if it did a good job making my makeup last long, though. It was a good prep for foundation.

7. Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer: I have tried the regular primer, and it doesn't work well on me. I heard that the mineral primer was better, and even just as good as Urban Decay's Primer Potion or Too Faced's Shadow Insurance! I haven't tried this yet. I will come back and give my review once I've used this. My eyes need a primer because they are oily. The packaging says, "This gentle and completely sheer Eyeshadow Primer has key Vitamins A, C and E to help prevent aging and moisturizes the skin. The formula glides on easily and disappears instantly to create longer lasting, crease-proof eyeshadow. The Mineral Eyeshadow Primer is designed to be used with your favorite mineral eyeshadow to provide ultimate staying power for beautiful and vibrant color that lasts." It was $3.

8. Elf Eye Refresh: This is what the packaging says, "The cooling sensation of the rollerball brightens and refreshes the eye area to help alleviate under eye puffiness and dark circles. Infused with key ingredients Pomegranate, Rosemary, Green Tea, Cucumber and Grape to hydrate and nourish the skin. Awaken the skin throughout the day with this perfect portable on the spot pick-me-up treatment." I used this today. I have been sick, and I have under eye circles. I didn't notice them disappearing, but there was a cooling sensation that felt very nice. I brought this with me to work and reapplied over my makeup on my break. You can use this under or over your makeup.

9. Elf Makeup Mist & Set: I've used this many times, and I love it. You can use it to spray on your face as a setting spray, if your face is hot, if your face is too powdery, or you can spray this on eyeshadow to make it more pigmented. It has aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C & E. It is $3. I really recommend this!

I hope you enjoyed my haul!

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