Saturday, August 5, 2017

July Favorites

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

It has been so long since I've watched this movie. It is so good! My mom rented it from Netflix and we had a sort of slumber party watching it. I love these movies from my teenage years that are so heartfelt and have such a great story. I think I got something from it seeing it again as an adult compared to what I loved about it as a teen, but the movie is still amazing. It makes me want to rent other movies like this I used to love back in the 90's. I really related to Naomi Judd's character as a woman who also has mental health issues.

Valerian and the 1000 Planets

This movie was so fun and so cool! I loved it! I felt like it was the perfect summer movie to see in the theaters. I guess it didn't get good reviews, and it didn't get as much viewing as they had anticipated, but I didn't read the reviews. I saw it got sort of an average amount of stars, but I thought I would like it anyway. It had AMAZING graphics! I saw the regular version, not the 3D one. And the story was fun. I love it when there is a strong female lead. This movie is based off of a graphic novel that takes place in the future where they are sort of fighting crime I guess and they are partners relying on each other and doing the right thing. It's sort of a mystery because they don't know what exactly is going on, but we as the audience know more. I feel like I'm doing a terrible job describing this movie. It's a science fiction type with different kinds of aliens. It really appealed to my imagination and I felt like I went soaring off into the galaxy.

Karena + Katrina Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture Spray: This is made by the Tone It Up girls. They make exercise videos on Youtube. This makes my hair really curly. I just spray a little bit into my hands and scrunch my hair. I can't spray it onto my hair or else it will be too much product since my hair is really fine. It smells really good too like coconuts.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer: This is my favorite golden highlighter.

Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter in Light/Iridescent. This is a pretty liquid highlighter that looks really natural on the skin.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer: Here is my little sample of it. I have the original one and it looks like a natural bronze on my skin.

Even though I see all these videos of people trying out different highlighters and bronzers, I feel like I only need my Mary-Lou Manizer and Hoola bronzer. 

Covergirl True Naked Goldens Palette: If I want to do a simple eye look this palette is really easy to create a look with. I like the 2nd and 4th color as shimmery lid colors and the 3rd one for the crease. This is also handy for traveling.

Koreas Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Moisturizer: I went to Sephora and asked for recommendations and the woman working in the skin care section gave me a sample of this. The ingredients are very good for you.

Erborian Yuza Sorbet Night Reinforced Nighttime Emulsion: This night cream works so well. I can tell that it helps nourish my skin because it looks better in the morning. It feels good and smells good. 

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