Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Coppery Fire Eyes Inspired by Kathleen Lights

So this look is based on the look Kathleen did for this chatty get ready with me using new makeup, including the new palette by Marc Jacobs Scandalust. I used my own shadows to mimic this palette. These are the steps Kathleen and I took to create this look. I'll show you what I did and a little of what she did. I love her personality, and enjoyed this video as well. She says how she is not a makeup artist, and I know she is not a professional but she is an artist in her own way, so I will call her a makeup artist.

1. Face Primer

2. Foundation

3. Concealer

4. Powder

5. Bronzer. She used a glory one. I payed close attention to how she bronzed up her skin. I want to make it look natural on me. I made sure to blend it out.

6. Blush. She used a couple products. I've been loving the Flower Pots Powder Blush in PB2 Peach Primrose. You can get Flower Beauty makeup at Walmart. I think this is a pretty summery color and looks good on my coloring.

7. The warm brown crease shade she used I found the dupe on Temptalia's website that I own which is in the Too Faced Semi Sweet Palette in Mousse. I put this in my crease and blended it onto the lid and outer v. She called this the transition shade.

8. Next she took the color Little Miss and put it on the outer lid, so I put a little bit of this and blended it inwards so that eventually the outer 1/3 of my lid had this dark shade on it. The dupe I found on Temptalia's blog was Sexy from The Balm Nude'tude Palette.

9. On the lid she put a red, fiery, copper metallic shade. I found in my own collection that Milani Bella Copper is really close and a drugstore dupe! I used my finger to apply the color. I put it all over my lid, but it didn't cover up the Sexy color that was on there.

10. She went back in with the shade similar to Mousse in the crease to blend out the lid and so you can see the crease when your eye is open. At least that's what I did because I have slightly hooded eyes, I wanted it to be a little above the crease.

11. She went back and intensified the reddish/copper shade, but I found that I didn't need to. It was already looking really pigmented.

12. She also went and added more of the Little Miss shade, but I didn't feel like I needed too because it was already looking pretty intense on my eye.

13. She put the Mousse color on her lower lash line.

14. Next she took the cranberry color on her lower lashes. I have an old Wet 'n Wild Palette called Petal Pusher that has a cranberry color that I used.

15. Very close to the lashes and kept on the outer corners she put Little Miss.

16. Next, she highlighted under the brows. You can do this if you want to. I went for it and took a light shimmery champagne color and put it under, but then I blended it out underneath the color. I used Too Faced Sugar & Spice in Champagne Truffle.

17. Mascara

18. I used the Champagne Truffle on my tear ducts.

19. She took a dark color and put a lip gloss on top to tone it down. I don't have the same shades, but I didn't want those colors. I wanted something that matched me and my eyes and my coloring, so I found a dark lip liner that I liked and put a peachy lip gloss on top of it and it went with the rest of my face.

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