Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NYX Haul

Today I got delivered my first haul of NYX products! I don't have anywhere close to me that sells NYX, so I had to order from their website. This is what I got:

from left to right: eyeshadow in Dune, bronzer & blusher combo in Ibiza, Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese, cream blush in Orange, cream blush in Natural, and cream blush in Glow

1. Eyeshadow in Dune: This is a dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette 2's Pistol. I'm happy to get this, so now I have all of my dupes for the Naked 2 Palette.

2. Bronzer & Blusher Combo in Ibiza: Youtube's Pursebuzz recently made a video of her favorite blushes. This was one of them. She said the bronzer was really good for people with light skin. I've been searching for a bronzer that looks good on me.

3. Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese: A lot of people use Milk in their tutorials. I wanted that one, but it was all sold out. Cottage Cheese looked very similar to Milk.

4. Cream Blush in Orange: This is another blush Pursebuzz really loves. I wanted to try it.

5. Cream Blush in Natural: This is supposed to be a dupe for Mac's Lady Blush, which is a very popular blush.

6. Cream Blush in Glow: This is supposed to be a dupe for Mac's Posey Blush, which is also very popular.

Here are the swatches on my arm:

from left to right: Glow, Natural, Orange, Cottage Cheese, Ibiza, and Dune

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