Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too Faced Natural Face Palette Dupes

Yes, I know I'm talking about Too Faced again. You should know by now my obsession with Too Faced products. This is another natural palette, but it is not focusing on eyeshadows. This is all about the face. The face charts and tutorials are all on the Too Faced website. If you would like a good look at the palette and swatches go to this blog: http://www.beautyops.net/2012/01/too-faced-natural-face-palette.html I will tell you about each face chart and my opinions of each. Also, I've included the products I used instead of the Too Faced products. You can use what products you have. A highlighter that works well for me, might not be right for you. Use your own highlighter, bronzer, and cheek colors. This is just a really great tutorial for people who want to learn how to put everything together.

For each look I did my makeup in this order:
1. eye makeup (wait to do the lower lash line)
2. face primer
3. foundation
4. concealer
5. powder
6. tutorial
7. lower lash line of eyes

Cream Blush: tea rose colored cream blush, I used Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Plush Peach

Bronzer: light tan color with golden sheen, I used NYX Bronzer & Blusher Combo in Ibiza

Concealer: nude beige, I used Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer

Lumanizer: opalescent cream, I used Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal.

Powder Blush: frosty pink that's buildable, I used NYX Bronzer & Blusher Combo in Ibiza

Brightener: light neutral highlighter, I used Bare Minerals All-Over Face Color in Flawless Radiance

Day Glow
For the face chart go here: http://www.toofaced.com/c-103-get-the-look.aspx
For the tutorial and a photo of a model go here: http://www.toofaced.com/gtl-1161-day-glow.aspx

1. Begin your application of the concealer under the eye area and in the inner corner of the eyes where you see areas of darkness or discoloration.

2. Next, apply the bronzer across the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.

3. With your finger take a small amount of luminizer and sweep under the arch of each brow, on the upper cheek bones, cupid's bow of the lip and on the chin.

4. Finally, using your middle finger, press the cream blush onto the apples of the cheeks and blend in a circular motion.

My Thoughts: I used a different blush. This is really pretty. It does give a day glow. I feel like it showed me how to do my face better than how I normally do my face. I don't always know how to use my bronzer. So this look really worked. I'm sure if I used the cream blush that I duped it would look good too. I was just doing two different looks at the same time. I'm glad Too Faced's website came out with a tutorial because the diagram was too confusing for me to follow, that's why I didn't make a blog about this sooner. The diagram is helpful though in seeing where to put the products.

Classic Radiance
For the face chart go here: http://www.toofaced.com/gtl-1153-natural-face-classic-radiance-look.aspx
For the tutorial go here: http://www.toofaced.com/gtl-1162-classic-radiance.aspx

1. Dust the bronzer onto the outer perimeter of the entire face.

2. Using your ring finger, take a small amount of Brightener and apply to the entire under eye area, above the brow arch, tip of the nose and chin.

3. Using your middle finger, press the cream blush onto the apples of the cheeks and blend in a circular motion.

4. To apply the powder blush, take your brush and sweep onto the apples of the cheeks layering over the cream.

My Thoughts: Wait to do the under eye makeup til after you do the Brightener part. I used the cream blush, but a different color for the powder blush. I'm not sure if I even notice my bronzer around the perimeter of my face. I guess that would probably look weird if it was too noticeable. It is very subtle, but it is a pretty look.

Supermodel Sculpt
For the face chart go here: http://www.toofaced.com/gtl-1154-natural-face-supermodel-sculpt-look.aspx
For the tutorial go here: http://www.toofaced.com/gtl-1163-supermodel-sculpt.aspx

1. Begin your application of the concealer under the eye area and around the nose. Next, take the Brightener and apply to center of forehead, under the arch of the brow, under the eye and along the sides of the lower lip and chin.

2. Dust the bronzer onto the perimeter of the forehead, the hollows of the cheek and onto the chin.

3. Use the Luminizer on the outer edges of the under eye and temples, down the length of the nose and on the cupid's bow of the lip.

4. Finish by sweeping the powder blush onto the cheek in an upwards motion towards the hairline.

My Thoughts: This seems to be a combination of the other two face charts. It looks pretty. I don't think I look like a supermodel of course. I wish they had a palette that would make me lose weight and get taller!

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