Thursday, July 5, 2012

Firework Favorites

This is just a short list of fireworks that my family and I enjoyed watching. I heard that the names may change for next year. I'm hoping this will be helpful next year when we go to buy fireworks. We like lots of color, but not a lot of noise.

1. Neighborhood Nightmare

2. Glorious Circuit Breaker (really liked it)

3. Jumping Jelly Beans

4. Lightning Strike

5. Little Big Show

6. Cool and Refreshing (really liked it)

7. Solar Supremacy

8. Jumbo Purple Rain

9. Purple Rain

10. Blue Planet

11. Old Glory

12. Pink Diamonds

13. Main Squeeze

14. Colorful Rain

15. En Fuego

16. Pyro Silo (it has a whistle, but we still liked it)

17. Gigawak (not sure how it is spelled)

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