Thursday, January 3, 2013

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Palette: Wake Up Makeup

Too Faced has come out with a new face palette! It is called, "No Makeup Makeup: The Secret To No Makeup Makeup Fresh & Flawless Face Palette." (It has a long name!) It comes with a bronzer, powder blush, cream blush, luminizer, brightener, and concealer. It also has 3 face charts. I love the face charts because it gives me great ideas on how to do my makeup. You can see swatches of the makeup on this blog: The Too Faced website has the face charts you can zoom in on. There is a diagram and a model with the look:

First I tried to dupe the palette. This is the best I could do with the makeup that I own. Really you could use whatever makeup you like the best and apply it to the face charts! I will tell you if I think I got a good dupe, or if it isn't so great. I'm going off of the photos from the makeup junkie's blog.

Bronzing Veil: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Vegas Strip / Light Bronzer. I think this is a good dupe. It also is said to be a dupe for Mac's Soft and Gentle!

Powder Blush: Maybelline Pinch O'Pink. I think this is a good dupe. I hope it hasn't been discontinued. I have had this blush for a long time. I can't find it on the website. They have fit me blushes now. The swatch looks like a matte, pink blush.

Creme Blush: NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Natural. This isn't a good dupe. All of my pink cream blushes are too dark to match the Too Faced one. This is the lightest shade of pink cream blush I own. It is really pretty though, so if you bought it you wouldn't be disappointed.

Luminizer: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer or Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tiki. The Hard Candy isn't really a bronzer. I don't know why they call it that. It is definitely a highlighter. These are good dupes for the Too Faced one.

Brightener: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Ivory. This is a good dupe.

Concealer: The one in the swatch looks too dark for me. So I'm going with a concealer that is good for my skin coloring. My favorite is Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer in Light.

On the palette it says, "Let them think you wake up perfectly pretty." (On the Boudoir Eyes Palette it says, "Be fiercely feminine in the bedroom and beyond." lol!)

"We've designed our palettes and signature glamour guide to take the guess work out of getting gorgeous. These three looks will get you started, but don't stop there! Once you've mastered them, keep playing! It's fun to be a girl!"(It says the same thing on the Boudoir Eyes Palette.)

There are three looks, so I'm going to do a separate blog post on each look and say my reaction. For this first look I really like it. Don't forget to put your foundation on before doing the look! (If your face needs foundation.) I would put powder on afterward on the places where you need it.

Wake Up Makeup

1. Concealer: The picture is hard to read on the website, but I think the concealer is placed under the eye, just a little bit in the corner. The concealer looks good. It is not too much. It is enough for me. Maybe for other people they would want to put more concealer on.

2. Bronzing Veil: All around the hair line and most of the forehead. Then a strip from the middle of the forehead all the way down the nose. I have always thought you put the bronzer on the sides of the nose. I guess this just gives a sun kissed look. Then it looks like you put the bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and the middle of your chin. It does give a pretty glow to the face! This bronzer is very light, so it is good for people who are really pale like me.

3. Lumanizer: I used the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush because I wanted a little fluffy brush to do this detail. I put some on the tip of my nose, cupid's bow, sides of my eyes, under and above my eye brows. I think it looks really pretty!

4. Cream Blush: I love this blush. In the diagram it looks like they put the blush on the apples of the cheeks, but I have heard that this isn't a good place to put your blush unless you have a certain type of face shape. My face is full, so it looks best when I put my blush centered under the iris and at an angle toward my temples. If I put them on my apples (which I used to do), it just makes my face look fatter. :( Here is a good blog post/video on finding what is your face shape:

This is a really good post for seeing where to put blush on your face shape:

My Thoughts: Overall, I think this is a really pretty look. I'm going to put on eyeshadow and lipstick, but this is a good way to start out the face. It looks very natural.

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