Friday, May 17, 2013

Plato's Closet Haul

I have never been to Plato's Closet before. There is one right near my house, so I have been curious to peek in there. I know they have clothes for young, thin people, so I never ventured in. Then I saw a haul video on Youtube where someone went to Plato's Closet and they got jewelry! It was really cute, so I decided to check it out. I was so happy! They had such a wide collection. I wanted to buy everything! Plato's Closet has gently used items, so it is sort of like a Thrift Store, but I think they sell cuter things and it doesn't smell like smoke in the store. They also play nice music. I wanted to share with you what I got.

1. These are called Wizard Pads by Kleancolor. I haven't opened these yet, but I'm guessing they are in different scents. What attracted me to these were that they were nail polish remover pads plus cuticle oil. I have been needing to get cuticle oil. I got nail polish remover pads at the dollar store before and they work so well. There are 32 pads in each container. They cost $1.25. I thought the packaging was super cute too.

2. Locket Necklace with a little pink rose and gem, $5: It is a real locket. I don't have a picture in it yet. I'm thinking about putting a picture of my cat in it!

3. Purple Bracelet with charms, $6: I don't have a charm bracelet, but I think they are so cute. It has a fake diamond gem, a golden bird, a circle of gold, a golden clover, another fake diamond gem, and a golden dragon fly.

4. Flower Bracelet, $6: This reminds me of a shabby chic design. It has peach roses all the way around, and it is a stretchy band. I think this is so beautiful!

5. Silver Ring with Hope on it, $3.50: It has fake diamond studs around the "P". I normally don't wear rings that are this big, but this has a good reminder for me. It is sweet. I've also I think been inspired by PiinkSparkles haul videos, and she loves the big jewelry.

6. Gold Ring with Love on it, $3.50: It has fake diamond studs on the "O" and "V". I got this with the same reasoning as the hope ring. I like that it is in gold.

7. Pearl Bow Ring, $3.50: This has gold in the back of it that shines through in between the pearls. There are little diamond studs in the middle of the bow. This is so elegant looking. I think it looks better in real life, than what the photo shows. I think it looks good with my skin coloring.

8. Key Necklace, $6: These are big keys on a long necklace. I think they are so whimsical. They look old fashioned. They look like keys to a secret garden or something!

I hope you enjoy my haul! If you have a Plato's Closet near you, you should check it out, even if you aren't wearing junior size clothing. They have such cute jewelry! I didn't get any earrings because one of my ears is being sensitive about having anything in the ear. I need to see my doctor about it. They have really cute earrings there too.

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