Friday, May 23, 2014

The Balm Brushes!

I got these brushes a little while ago, and I have been using them every day since! They are such good quality. They don't shed. They are very well made. They have cute names for each one too. I only bought 3, but there is more.

Crease, Love & Happiness

This is a crease brush. The left side I use for the outer corner of my eye, and the right side for the contour. They are small, so they fit my eye space really well.

Women Empowderment!

I love the left side for using eye shadow as an eyeliner. You can get close to the lashes and the brush is so soft. I haven't used the right side, but I'm sure you could use that for eye liner too.

Give CREASE a chance!

This is a really large sized brush. The left side is good if you want to put a big wash of eye shadow over your entire eye space. The right side is the largest crease brush I own. It is so soft and perfect for blending shadow out!

I saw someone using these brushes on Youtube, and I found them and bought them from The Balm's website. The Balm is sometimes on Hautelook for sale, so you might see these brushes on sale one of these days. It says "Powder to the People." lol! And the brushes have little hands of people holding brushes and fists in the air like they are on strike. xD

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