Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jesse's Girl Julie G Collection: Mermaid's Lagoon

This is my new nail polish of the moment. I heard about this collection from this blog: What really got me hooked was the Mermaid's Lagoon description about it being teal with gold glimmer. My favorite color is teal, and the idea of it having gold glimmer sounded so pretty. I found this collection at my local Rite-Aid. My pictures make the polish look lighter than it is. It is much more of a blue-green color. Also, the gold shimmer is barely noticeable which was kind of a disappointment to me. It is a very shiny beautiful color though. It doesn't look glittery. Julie G is another Youtuber that I'm obsessed with. In her video about her nail polish line she said she named this shade after one of her tutorials: In my pictures you can kind of see the gold shimmer.

Added Note 9/24: So I've been wearing this nail polish and I feel very weird with it on. It isn't a color I normally would wear. I guess it was a little out of my comfort zone. Now tonight I'm trying to take it off, and it has stained my fingers blue! I honestly don't think I will be wearing this color again. I still have another polish in the Julie G Collection that I will try. I just think this polish wasn't suited for me.

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