Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Gifts!

I like watching the Youtube videos to see what people got for Christmas. I thought I would do a post about what I got too.

1. I got gift certificates for iTunes, Sephora, and Barnes & Noble Bookstore. I don't know yet what I'm going to get music or book wise. On Christmas day I made my order at the Sephora website.

2. The Sephora gift card came with a nice mirror I can keep in my purse! I purchased the Sephora Cinderella palette. I had my eyes on the palette. I was going to dupe it, but there were some colors that were really original, and Temptalia gave it an A on her website! I will do a separate post when I get the palette. Also, there was free shipping! I got to get several perfume samples, too which I love.

3. I also got money. I have already spent most of it! I needed a 2013 planner. This one was pretty. I got it at Fred Meyers.

4. I also wanted a 2013 Rachael Hale, kitten calendar. I think I get this every year! It has become a tradition, I guess.

5. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Love Letter. I have had my eyes on this for some time. I think it looks very beautiful. Maybe the next time I do my nails I will put these on.

6. Femme Couture Eye Drama Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in Envy. I don't have any emerald green glitter liner. One of the holiday looks I liked, called for this and I couldn't dupe it. I found out you could get this at Sally's Beauty Supply store, so I looked to see if they had it. They had one left! It is a beautiful emerald green. I love it!

7. On Christmas Day I saw Les Miserables with my dad. It was so good! That is my favorite musical!

So that is everything I got. I'm very happy with everything. I feel very blessed, and I have yet to see my relatives. One side of my family was in Hawaii, so we are trying to find a time to get together and go see The Hobbit. The other side of my family we will see on Sunday. I love being with my family. I'm fortunate to have great people in my life. That is worth more to me, than all the material possessions.

What did you get for Christmas? What do you hope for in the New Year? Please, leave a comment!


  1. Your gifts are lovely! I wish I had a gift card to barnes and noble or sephora! Both are divine! I saw the Cinderella palette at Sephora the other day and me and my friend were so delighted! It's beautiful. Do a post on it maybe? Like a review or so? I'd love to know more about it!


    1. I plan on doing a post on it, when it arrives. Thank you for your comment! <3 Happy New Year!


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