Friday, December 21, 2012

The Balm Rockstar Palette

I got a new palette! The Balm's Rockstar Palette I got off of Hautelook for a discounted price about a month ago. If you don't know about it is a website that has different things for sale. It is always changing and offers good deals. The Balm makeup was on there at a discounted price, so I purchased this palette. I had seen good reviews about it.

Sorry my pictures are crappy. I took these in the bathroom which has the best light in my house (which isn't saying much). I can't take the pictures outside because it is very rainy today.

On the cover of the palette it says, "Balm Jovi." "Living On A Stare." "Rolling Tone Magazine has given it 5/5 stars and says, 'Best palette this century!'"

When you open it up it has a heart mirror at the top that says "Rock 'N' Roll." The eye shadows are organized by columns. The first column is "Heavy Metal." The shades going from top to bottom are Metal-ica, Iron Maid-In, Lead Zeppelin, and Alice Copper. The second column is "Classical." The shades are named after tempo markings from music. Tempo is how fast or slow you play something. The shades are Adagio (slow and stately), Allegro (fast, quickly and bright), Moderato (moderately), and Presto (very fast). The third column is "Alternative." The shades are Blink 1982, The Stroke, rem, and Third Eye Blinded. On the bottom left it says, "Disco Disco." There is a highlighter called Solid Gold. At the bottom right it says, "Pop! Pop!" There is a blush called Don't You Want Me?

There is a flap at the bottom you can open. It reveals 2 lip/cheek products. The one on the left is Milly and the one on the right is Vanilly. lol! xD Oh my gosh, I love this palette! In the middle it says, "Lip Sync Playback." Then, "I <3 Rock 'n' Roll." At the very bottom it says, "Top 4 Smoking Hot Looks."
This is like a face chart. I'm not exactly sure how you would wear the pairing of the eyeshadows. Maybe the lighter shade on the lid and the darker shade in the crease? I'm going to try each look and say how I did it and if I like it or not.

1. Alice Copper + Third Eye Blinded + Don't You Want Me? + Milly = D
My Thoughts: The Alice Copper is a very pigmented cranberry color. Be careful when putting this on! I had to go back and remove some with makeup remover. I put this in the crease. Third Eye Blinded is the color of my skin with a glow. I put it on my lids, but it looked like I had nothing on. The blush is a really pretty peach. I put some on my brush and then dusted it on the back of my hand because it was so pigmented. Milly feels like a clear balm on my lips. I can't see it! The only reason I don't give this an F is because I like the blush. I like Alice Copper, but not just by itself.

2. Lead Zeppelin + Adagio + Solid Gold + Milly = D
My Thoughts: The Lead Zeppelin is a very pigmented dark, sparkly olive green color. I dipped my brush in it and then put some on my hand before putting it on my crease. Adagio is the color of my skin and matte. It doesn't really show up on me. So the eye look is very "blah." Solid Gold is beautiful! It's a perfect highlighter. Again, Milly just looks like I have chapstick on. I give this look a D because I like Solid Gold, but a look needs more than just a great highlighter.

3. Presto + Blink 1982 + Solid Gold + Vanilly = A
My Thoughts: Presto is a pigmented matte dark brown. It is a really nice crease color. Blink 1982 is a soft purple/brown color. It is really pretty on the lid. It's a good pair with Presto. I've already talked about how I like Solid Gold. Vanilly is a beautiful red lip. It is matte, but it doesn't feel drying at all. I have no complaints about this look, so I give it an A.

4. Moderato + Metal-ica + Don't You Want Me? + Vanilly = C
My Thoughts: Moderato is a dark eggplant color. It is very pigmented, so put some on your brush and then dust it against your hand first before putting it in your crease. Metal-ica is a very light silver color. I'm not sure I like the two colors together. I don't think it looks good on me. I love the blush and the lipstick. I'm going to give it a C because even though I don't like the eye shadow, I do like the blush and lips.

I don't know if these are looks put together by a makeup artist, or just random combinations thrown together. I think Too Faced does a better job at making face charts.

I tried to find dupes for this palette. I think I found dupes for some of them. I swatched them on my arm, but my pictures didn't come out good or I would include swatches on here. I found a good blog that had swatches and descriptions for each item. This helped me when looking at my own collection for possible dupes. This is the blog: She has excellent swatches, photos, and review.

1. The Stroke: deep dark navy with a satin finish. The color looks black to me. I have no dupe. My black is too black and my navy is too blue.

2. Allegro: matte warm brown. My dupe is Wet 'n Wild Vanity Palette, 2nd shade.

3. Presto: matte dark brown with maroon undertones. I have no dupe.

4. Alice Copper: shimmery burgundy with copper glitter. My dupe is Maybelline Eye Studio Mad for Mauve, 4th color.

5. Iron Maid-In: shimmery rich gold. All of my golds are too golden. This is a lighter shade, so I have no dupes.

6. Lead Zeppelin: shimmery olive green. My dupe is Milani Runway Eyes Eyeshadow in Antigua.

7. Metal-ica: shimmery pale silver. When I swatched it, it looked more like a glittery white. My dupe is Wet 'n Wild Pride Palette, upper right color.

8. Adagio: matte beige shade. My dupe is Wet 'n Wild I Heart Matte Palette. Wet 'n Wild's holiday palette for this year, Drinking A Glass of Shine is the same palette as I Heart Matte.

9. Third Eye Blinded: shimmery light peach. My dupe is Wet 'n Wild Greed Palette, 5th color.

10. Blink 1982: soft purple brown with slight gold shimmer. I have no dupe.

11. Moderato: matte eggplant. I don't have a matte eggplant, but I have glittery color that is similar. It is from Elf Day 2 Night Quad, 2nd color.

12. REM: shimmery medium purple. My dupe is Wet 'n Wild Petal Pusher Palette, 3rd shade.

13. Milly: pink lip and cheek cream, natural medium pink shade. I don't have a dupe.

14. Vanilly: red lip and cheek cream, bright vibrant red. My dupe is PixiGlow Fairy Face Palette, the red lip color at the bottom.

15. Don't You Want Me? matte peach. I don't own this, but The Balm Frat Boy is an exact dupe. My dupe is NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Natural. It is cream, but the palette is powder form. The colors are identical though.

16. Solid Gold: light golden highlight. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer is an exact dupe. My dupe is Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tiki. It isn't really my dupe, but I have heard it mentioned before that this is a dupe for the Mary-Lou Manizer. I own both and I agree.

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