Monday, September 2, 2013

Positive Changes Week 3

I'm so disappointed! I didn't lose any weight this week. I honestly don't feel like I'm being hypnotized. I feel like I'm listening to the CD's and trying to be healthy during the week. One day I went for a personal coaching session. That was my first time doing that. The lady was really pretty and nice. She did motivate me and gave me a lot of papers about eating nutritiously. She said next time she would talk with me about exercise. I read over everything she gave me, and it all looks like the standard nutritional advice that I have heard before. She listened to my issues and took notes, for when I would be hypnotized next. I left feeling really motivated. I got home and cooked a healthy dinner and ate well the whole day! Unfortunately, the motivation didn't last the entire week.

On another day I went to a class. This time we didn't watch a video, there was a teacher and she taught us the common misbehaviors of overweight people. I thought this was interesting.

1. Compelled to open the fridge. (I don't think I have this problem.)
2. Grab candy off a coworker's desk. (I don't have this problem.)
3. Whatever is on your plate, you have to eat all of it. (I do this.)
4. Candy at the checkout stand. (I don't have this problem. I did when I was little.)
5. Eat when you are not hungry. (I do this.)
6. Eat when stressed. (I do this.)
7. Drink things other than water. (I do this, but I have been getting better with drinking water.)

Then she taught us this technique for changing an unwanted behavior. I thought this was interesting. I don't know if it works. We did it in class, but I haven't done it on my own yet. They say you are supposed to do this three times in a row.

1. Close your eyes.
2. Imagine a food you want to stop craving.
3. Imagine a picture frame.
4. Put the food in the picture frame.
5. Hold your arms out in front of you and imagine you are holding onto the frame.
6. Create the desire for the item while holding it away from you. Imagine the way it looks, smells, and tastes.
7. Imagine the tension is building. You can feel it in your arms. Once it is maxed, imagine it flies 200-300 feet behind you. Say, "Whoosh!"
8. Then say, "Nothing tastes as good as thin and healthy feels."

I did this while imagining Chicken Pad Thai. I haven't wanted it since. So I don't know if it is because this technique worked, or I just haven't wanted it.

Afterwards, we put on our goggles and our headphones and listen to a hypnotizing CD. This time I brought tissues so the lights wouldn't be so bright. I tried to relax, but I just felt uncomfortable the whole time. The lights bother me, and the voices talking two at the same time is hard for me to focus on. I feel like I'm not being hypnotized. I just feel stressed. I don't know if my subconscious is listening either. One voice is telling you to imagine something, and I try to imagine it but I miss what it says because the other voice grabs my attention.

I didn't do a good job exercising because I had to go back to work a couple days last week and I was given this task to move boxes and paper and it really hurt my back. I'm not in good enough shape to do what the task required. My back hurt for the rest of the week, so I didn't exercise.

I do a good job eating healthy in the morning and afternoon, but at dinner time I have strong cravings and I want to eat high calorie type foods.

I'm also tired of listening to the hypnotizing CD's.

I'm so discouraged because I really want this program to work. I really want to lose weight. And this program is expensive. I'm afraid maybe I'm not a person that can be hypnotized.

This next week I go to accell, which is where you listen to a hypnotizing CD and there is a class on another day. My goal is to exercise this week. Also, I'm going back to work, so I don't want to turn to food to ease my stress. I need to persevere with listening to the hypnotizing CD's. And I should try that new technique taught in class. Hopefully I will lose weight this week.


  1. Good luck staying motivated to exercise and losing weight! I really need to start drinking more water, I hardly drink any :(

    Now following! <3

    Amelia x

    1. Thank you! For some reason the hypnosis has really worked with me drinking more water, but I still overeat.


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