Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Favorites

Happy Halloween! Here are my favorites for this month!

Favorite Movies

1. Hangover Part 3: This movie is so funny! After watching the movie I was thinking about some of the scenes, and I was still laughing! I've seen the first two movies, and I liked those too. I thought maybe the third one wouldn't be as good as the first two, but it was a good ending to the trilogy. They had the dad from Roseanne in it. He played a bad guy. And the funny lady from "The Bridesmaids" movie was in it. I love her. Her name is Melissa McCarthy, and she is hysterical. I have loved her in every movie I've seen her in. The plot is that the crazy one of the bunch, Alan, has taken a turn for the worse and he needs an intervention to be taken to rehab. He agrees to go if all of the "wolf pack" comes with him. They are then kidnapped by these bad guys, and hold one of them hostage until they find Chow. Chow stole gold from them. It's all very wacky, and they get into all kinds of adventures. It is like the first two movies.

2. The Conjuring: This was really scary! It is based on a true story that happened in the early '70's. It had a good story, and good acting. I was scared after seeing the movie at night in my bed. I thought something that happened in the movie might happen to me. If you like scary movies, you will like this. If you like getting scared.

Favorite Brush

Ecotools Airbrush Concealer Brush: This is a fluffy brush that really is nice to blend out concealer. It is soft. What I find that works the best is to put eye cream on first, and then put on an under eye concealer. Then I blend it out with this brush.

Favorite Beauty Products

1. Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat: This picture is no good. Sorry about that. I heard about the top coat by Seche Vite. It's very popular. I already have a top coat that I like that I am still using, but I needed a base coat. I found this at Sally's Beauty Supply Store. Since everybody seems to like the Seche Vite top coat, I thought the base coat might be good. It is good! I want to try the top coat.

2. Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel in 140 Fall Mood: This color is so beautiful! I wore it for most of the month of October. Normally, when my polish starts chipping, I will remove it and put a different nail polish on, but not with this one. I kept reapplying it. I think this is one of my all time favorite nail polishes.

3. Victoria Secret Pro Smooth FX Lip Scrub & Balm: I have had this for a long time, but I haven't talked about it. The bottom of the container is a sugar scrub. The top has a flap that lifts up to reveal a lip balm that feels medicated if that makes sense. I noticed when I reapplied my makeup during my break, that my lips looked dry. I didn't want to reapply my lipstick, I wanted to make my lips look good and scrub off the dead skin. So I brought this with me in my makeup bag. You can make lip scrub yourself, but it is nice to have this little container with everything you need. The scrub tastes so good! I hit pan on the lip balm.

4. Bath & Body Works Body Wash in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin: I have been using this whenever I take a shower. I wanted something fall scented to use. This stuff smells so good. It has cinnamon and pumpkin, and it also has an apple scent to it. It is a good quality body wash too. I have the lotion and the spray, too.

5. I decided to paint my nails black for Halloween this week! I actually have never worn that before. I don't usually wear dark nail polish. I saw Elle Fowler (she's someone I'm subscribed to on Youtube), she had black nail polish and then a glittery top coat. She might have even put rhinestones on her nails because they were really "blingy." I liked the way it looked, so I tried to copy what she did. I'm not exactly sure what nail polish she used. For the black I used Sinful Colors Nail Polish in 1130 Inkwell. For the silver glitter top coat I used L'Oreal The Magic Top Coats in 803 The Sparklicious. And then I used a gold glitter top coat, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in 600 Spark in the Dark. I think it turned out cool. I got a lot of compliments from kids at work.

6. Wet 'n Wild Nude Awakenings: I bought this in the Spring. It was one of those limited edition palettes that was hard to find. I finally found it in a Fred Meyers in downtown Portland. There was like, one left or something crazy. This reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I wonder if Wet 'n Wild was trying to dupe it. This has beautiful colors. I have a description of each color. I'm not sure where I got it from, but it was probably from another blog. I'm sorry I can't say what blog it's from. On the left side the browbone color is a matte light beige. The eyelid color is a light, cool brown. The crease color is a matte, medium warm brown. I use this color a lot. On the right side the browbone color is a shimmery, reddish brown. The eyelid color is a dark, cool brown. The crease color is a shimmery, light navy. The definer color is a shimmery, dark navy.

7. Boots No.7 Stay Perfect Blemish Cover in Extra Fair: TheDailyCupcake loves this concealer and is always talking about it in her videos. I had to go to Target and get one to try out. She uses this on her blemishes. I think this does work good. It is in a lipstick type tube.

8. L'Oreal Colour Riche Eyeliner in Black/Brown: The picture is blurry. On one end is the pencil which is very pointy and easy to use. The other end has a smudger so you can blend out the eyeliner. I think this color may be more flattering on me than black eyeliner.

9. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk: I used this for a lot of my fall makeup looks this month. It is a great base. It is a darkened red-burgundy with a shimmery finish. It is a pretty, fall color.

Favorite Songs

I don't have that many favorite songs to share with you this month. You should check them out on Youtube if you want to hear them. I like looking up the lyrics to the songs too.

1. Worn by Tenth Avenue North
2. Work B**ch by Britney Spears: This is a good song to exercise to.
3. Broken by Lifehouse
4. Amie by Pure Prairie League
5. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift (ft. Ed Sheeran)
6. Still Into You by Paramore
7. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
8. Happy Together by The Turtles
9. Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill: This song I hear a lot on Youtube videos. Normally when a video has music, I will mute the sound, but I didn't with this song. I thought it was pretty.

I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing my favorites for the month. What were your favorite things?

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