Thursday, July 24, 2014

Elf Snow White The Fairest of Them All Beauty Book!

I love these bags! You can find this collection at Walgreens. When they came out with the Ariel, I was hoping they would come out with other princesses, and it looks like they are! It seems fast that Snow White has already come out! The bags were selling out fast. I got two of each, one for me and one for my mom because she thought it was cute too.

The inside of the bags look like this. It is so pretty! The bags are Soho and good quality.

This is the Face Collection. It comes with a cute compact that has a blush and bronzer that has a pretty picture of Snow White on it. The Kabuki isn't very good, but I think it is very cute. I love the packaging. It says on the back, "Achieve a blushing glow with this Limited Edition Face Collection. The silky smooth powder blends evenly and easily onto the skin for a lightweight feel. Directions: Brush the bronzer on to the hollows of the cheeks for definition and dust around the face line to create a healthy glow. Use the blush on the apples of the cheeks to create a perfect flush of color that would make any guy bashful around you."

My Review: I am very pale, so this blush and bronzer work well on me. I don't know how good it would do if you were tanner. The bronzer is light. And the blush is a light peach. I think they are very pretty. The Ariel bronzer had glitter in it, which I didn't really like. This is a lot better. I think that it is matte or satin.

This is The Lip Collection. It comes with a lip stain, a lip gloss, and a lip balm with the pretty picture of Snow White on it. The caps have the pretty writing of S and W and a heart. It is so cute. I'm such a sucker for the packaging. The back says, "Smile and sing a song with this Limited Edition Lip Collection. This perfect trio creates long lasting lip color for kissable lips all day long! Directions: Apply the Lip Stain marker directly to dry, clean lips for long-lasting color. Build coverage as desired and allow to fully dry. Next apply the Lip Balm by smoothing onto lips with a fingertip or a lip brush for moisturized and hydrated lips. Finish by applying the Shimmer Lip Gloss to create a dazzling diamond like sparkle."

My Review: The lip color is blood red! It really does a good job of creating the Snow White lips. I don't think I have anything this red. It is very pretty! 

There is a beauty book that comes with this collection. It has a new drawing of Snow White, just like they had a new drawing of Ariel.

This is what it looks like when you open it up. There are 7 eye shadows, an eye primer, a black eye liner, a sponge applicator, a blush, a blush brush, and a lip gloss.

When you flip the page on the left it has a makeup look so you can look like Snow White. It says, "Once upon a time...The fairest one of all was you.

Step 1: To create a look that will keep you looking royal all day long, apply a thin coat of the Eyelid Primer to the eyelid and blend in. Allow the formula to dry fully prior to applying eyeshadow." I think the primer did well.

Step 2: "Apply the white as snow eyeshadow color 'I'm Wishing' to the  brow bone and inner corners of the eyes to highlight." I was surprised, but this shadow was pigmented! Normally, the highlighters blend into my skin tone, but this was white enough that I could see it and it actually highlighted under my brows and my inner corners. I thought it looked really pretty.

Step 3: "Blend a mid-toned eyeshadow color 'Diamond Mine' or 'Heigh-Ho' onto the eyelid from lash line to crease to help define the eye." I used Heigh-Ho on my lid, and this is a beautiful rose gold color. I really like the eye shadows in this palette. They are shimmery, but they are beautiful.

Step 4: "Apply the deeper eyeshadow color 'Yodel' to the outer 1/3 of the eyelid and crease blending as you go and building the color gradually to contour. For a spellbound look use 'Enchanted Forest.'" I used Yodel, and it is a shimmery taupe that goes well with the rose gold color. I think if I had used Diamond Mine on the eyelid (which is yellow), I would use Enchanted Forest (green) in the crease and outer corner.

Step 5: "Using the darkest eyeshadow color 'One Song' blend a thin line along the crease of the eyelid to create a smoky effect to the eye. For a mysteriously magical look use 'My Prince.'" I put a thin line of the brown shadow on my crease, but I didn't see how that created a smoky effect. I blended it out with a blending brush because it doesn't look good to have a line on your crease. It looks like your eyeshadow has creased because you eyelids were oily.

Step 6: "Apply the Eyeliner Pencil along the base of the upper lash line and slightly extend past the eye for a winged effect." I liked this eyeliner pencil. It is easy to smudge out. Its black.

Step 7: "For rosy cheeks that are the perfect hint of bashfulness, apply the 'Keep Singing' Blush to your cheeks and blend in." This blush is so beautiful! I really was surprised. It looks to me like a matte light peach. It might be a satin. 

Step 8: "For kissable lips that could awaken anyone, apply the apple red Lip Color to your lips and blend in to complete your Fairest of Them All Look." In the tube the gloss looks dark pink, but on my lips it was a red gloss. It's very pretty too. Overall, I'm really happy with this beauty book. I can't wait to see when other people blog about it or make reviews on it or tutorials. I wonder what other princesses they will come out with.

From left to right: Yodel, Heigh-Ho, Diamond Mine, and I'm Wishing. The eye shadows look better than my camera picture. The picture doesn't do the eye shadow's justice.

From left to right: One Song, Enchanted Forest, and My Prince. This picture does a better job at showing how pigmented the shadows are.

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