Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wet 'n Wild Summer Eye Shadow Collection 2014!

I'm really excited about this! I just found at my local Rite Aid a BRAND NEW Wet 'n Wild collection of eye shadows! I didn't know this was coming because I haven't heard any Wet 'n Wild Ambassadors talk about it, whether on blog or Youtube video! I decided to do a review about it, since no one else seems to be talking about it. They were $2.99 each.

1. Something to Rave About: Aren't these colors beautiful?! Most all of these eyeshadows are matte! And that is really rare to find at the drugstore. I think last year Wet 'n Wild came out with a bunch of trios, but they didn't get very good reviews. I think these shadows are good quality. They are creamy and pigmented. They blend out nicely. This is the only swatch I did using a primer. The other swatches you are about to see are with no primer!
a. Browbone: matte light yellow
b. Crease: matte sky blue
c. Eyelid: matte dark pink

2. Sun-Set to See: I love this combination of colors. It feels so summery to me.
a. Browbone: matte cream
b. Crease: matte warm mid tone brown (This would be perfect for the crease!)
c. Eyelid: matte medium orange

3. Who's Carpooling? I can't get over how creamy and beautiful these shades are! I wonder why no one is talking about these shadows yet? Are they just not in the majority of stores? I can't wait to see the tutorials people will come out with!
a. Browbone: matte white
b. Crease: matte medium green
c. Eyelid: matte cobalt blue

4. Lost My Wristband: The names for the trios are cute too. This trio reminds me of Spring, I think because the colors look pastel.
a. Browbone: matte light pink
b. Crease: matte yellow (This looks like the same yellow in Something to Rave About.)
c. Eyelid: matte yellow green

5. No Scalpers Allowed: I had to google scalpers. In case you are wondering, they are people that illegally sell tickets.
a. Browbone: matte white pink (It looks white on my hand, but it is a pink color. It is really light.)
b. Crease: matte medium purple
c. Eyelid: satin dark blue violet (I may be wrong, but this looked more like a satin than a matte up close. It also looked like it had purple in it, that is why I called it a blue violet.)

6. Standing My Camp-Ground! These shadows are not over a primer by the way!
a. Browbone: matte yellow orange
b. Crease: matte warm dark brown
c. Eyelid: satin dark pink (Like the blue violet, this looks like more of a satin to me than a matte. I could be wrong.)

I love these eye shadows! I'm also excited to do my first blog post review inspired by one of my favorite blogs like Temptalia or Vampy Varnish or something! I hope you like my review and find it helpful! 


  1. So pretty! In my country, the eyeshadow palettes cost 12 USD each, maybe cos of air freight and import taxes.. T_T

    1. That sucks. I think the big reason why I like Wet 'n Wild is because of the low cost.


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