Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fortune Cookie Unicorn Farts Shampoo & Conditioner Bars!

I heard about Fortune Cookie Soap from grav3yardgirl and xsparkage on Youtube. They get the soap box in the mail. I thought it was cute when they released a collection last year, I don't remember if it was for Halloween or Christmas, but it had The Nightmare Before Christmas theme! I love that movie, so I thought it was cool that all the soaps and everything had that theme and had products named after the characters in the movie. This summer the theme was the Candyland game! That sold me. I had to get this soap box! It comes once a season. All the products are all natural and good for your body and hair. It reminds me of Lush, but it isn't as expensive.

As I have been waiting for my soap box to come (August 11th), I decided to try out a shampoo and conditioner. Their shampoos and conditioners don't come in bottles, but are like soap bars!

This is a picture of the shampoo, bath bomb, and conditioner. They sent me the bath bomb for free! If you have seen my Lush posts, you know that I love bath bombs! This is my review of what I got.

1. Unicorn Farts Shampoo Bar

This is SLS free, cruelty free, environmentally friendly, and safe for color treated hair! There are lots of soap bars to choose from, but I am crazy and went for the Unicorn Fart Shampoo! It costs $8.99. There are reviews on the website, so you can see how people liked it. It had 17 reviews with a total of a 5/5 star rating! I read the reviews, and it seemed like a good product. One person said they had problems with their hair, and ever since using the Fortune Cookie Shampoo bars, she has seen her hair get healthy. It is also fun if someone asks you what perfume you are wearing, you can say you use Unicorn Farts shampoo! lol xD 

This is what the website says about the shampoo: "We know what women want for their hair: shine, volume, smooth locks, healthy appeal, and smelling of farts. What? You weren't expecting that last one? Oh, sorry, let me clarify. You want your hair smelling of our Unicorn Farts! That's right! Our shampoo bar is packed with glitter, rainbows, sunshine, butterflies, pixies, fairies, and anything else magical that we believed in as kids! You will love the way your hair smells and feels so much you will seriously wonder if Unicorns still do or ever existed!" I thought this was so funny! 

My Review: It was strange for me to use a bar for my hair. First, I got my hair wet. Then, I rubbed the bar all over my head. It started to lather. I gathered the rest of my hair and got it in the shampoo suds too. I figured if I didn't think it was clean I could always use the shampoo a second time. When I rinsed my hair, my hair was squeaky clean! It smells so good! I will come back and say what my hair is like when it has dried.

2. Unicorn Farts Conditioner Bar

Since I got the shampoo I decided to get the conditioner that goes with it. This is what the website has to say about the conditioning bars: "Solid conditioner bar is ultra concentrated - a little goes a long way. Save a bottle from going into the landfill. Easy to store for traveling - no leaky goop in your suitcase or gym bag!" Just like the shampoos there were several conditioners to choose from. I wanted to match the shampoo. It costs $8.49, and has 10 reviews with 5/5 stars! 

My Review: Again, I thought it was strange to use a bar as a conditioner. After shampooing my hair I rubbed the conditioner bar over my head. Then, I parted my hair in half. I have long hair. I rubbed the bar down my hair. I left it on as I shaved and washed my body. When it was time to rinse my hair, I was surprised how smooth and shiny my hair was as I rinsed it! Sometimes you can tell right away when you have used a good conditioner. I was very happy, and it smelled good too!

You can buy a tin to store your bars in. You have to make sure the bars are completely dry because the tins will rust if they get wet. This makes it easy to travel with the bars. The tin costs $4.25. I am waiting for these to come in the mail.

3. Sample Bath Bomb "Sunshine Superman": It is nice to get something for free. This is what the website says about bath bombs. "Place bath bomb into a full bath. Watch the skin softening bubbles go to work. Let the effervescence, color, and aroma soothe your soul." I have tried the Lush bath bombs and I love them! It makes taking a bath fun. I feel like a child again. This is what the website says about the Sunshine Superman: "There are many different thing you can do to help yourself wake up on the right side of the bed. I suggest dropping a Sunshine Superman into your bath in the morning. Not only will the lemon-citrus scent get your eyes open and help jump start your morning, but the chamomile will tone it down a bit with promises of a good day! Oh yeah and our Bath bombs are awesome for your skin this one has real Chamomile buds throughout! There are over 100 separate ailments and conditions which chamomile has been traditionally used to treat such as skin inflammation, wound healing, and the common cold. If you do not want loose Chamomile buds leaves in your bath, a free muslin bag can be included at no additional charge." They didn't send me a bag. I will have to buy one at the store. There was a Lush bomb that had rose petals that came out, which was pretty. There was another bomb that had wildflowers that came out and seeds, and I wished I would have used a muslin bag if I would have known about doing that because it made the tub a mess after the bath. There were little particles of plants all around the tub! 

My Review: This reminds me of a lemon drop candy. The smell is invigorating and sweet. The buds didn't bother me. I didn't get a muslin bag. It wasn't as messy as a Lush bath bomb can be. It made my skin nice and soft too! This was a really cool sample to get. It was nice of them to send me a free sample. I wasn't expecting it.

So overall, I am excited to have these products. I think you can tell when I am excited about something because I usually write a blog post about it. lol!

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