Friday, July 18, 2014

July Love With Food Box!

I got tired of the monthly makeup bags and boxes, but I never got tired of getting something in the mail every month. I saw several Youtube videos of people showing this box, and I got curious. Everything in the box is healthy and good for you in some way. If you buy a box you are donating to fight childhood hunger in America, so I really liked that part of the deal. I wanted to share with you what I got, and my review of each product. It says "Snack Smart Do Good."

This box has a theme and this month's theme is "Happy Camper." This is what the card says: "It's July - the mountains, woods, and lakes are calling. Pack up your snacks and strike out for adventure. This month Love With Food partnered with 2 Degrees to double your donations to hungry children across the US. So while you're dining around the campfire, two kids in need are also enjoying a meal - because of you." That is so cool! 

1. Sea Salt Lentil Crackers by Mediterranean Snacks: "Baked with protein rich lentils and naturally gluten free, these lentil crackers will help you live a balanced life at home or in the wilderness." On the bag it says it is a good source of protein. It has 4 grams of protein.

My Review: I really like the taste of sea salt. Is it better for you than regular salt? These are yummy crackers. They remind me of Wheat Thins.

2. Chocolate Chip Fluff by Madyson's Marshmallows: "Roast this gluten-free, gourmet, chocolate chip marshmallow over a campfire for the ultimate s'mores experience." It says on the label that it was hand-crafted. Does that mean it was home made?!
My Review: This tasted so good! Is this really good for me??? I put it in the microwave on a graham cracker to make a s'more. I have to go to the website to find the ingredients. If these are good for me, I would definitely purchase these! I love to make s'mores, and I use the low fat kind of graham crackers. 

3. White Cheddar Puffs by Beanitos: "With 5 grams of protein these preservative free White Cheddar Puffs are bound keep you energized during your next excursion." The bag says this is supposed to give you energy.

My Thoughts: I hoped that these would taste like Cheetos, but they don't. I really don't like these.

4. Kids' Organic Mixed Berry Chews by Honey Stinger: "Snackers of all ages will get a skip in their step from the Vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and protein in these delicious chews." The bag says the flavors are orange, strawberry, and grape. It also says no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup.

My Thoughts: These are really yummy. It reminds me of a fruit rollup or gummy bears. They are very sweet. 

5. Bar by 2 Degrees: "Not only is this delicious bar packed with fruit, grains, and more, but 2 Degrees promises "One Bar = One Meal" to feed hungry children." The flavor I got was apple pecan. I knew I wouldn't like it, so I gave it to my dad. He said it was just ok. He wouldn't buy it.

6. Butter Crisp Love Minis by ginnybakes: "These gluten-free, organic, non-GMO cookies are the perfect reward after a long hike or day."

My Review: I don't like these because they taste like pie crust. Maybe my mom would like these.

7. Dutch Cocoa by Somersaults: "Seeds are the new nut! These little nuggets are both packed with protein and will satisfy your sweet tooth." These are sunflower seeds and toasted grains perhaps covered in chocolate.

My Review: Actually they are like clusters of seeds and nuts I think covered in cocoa powder. I don't like them, but it's not necessarily because they are bad, I just personally don't like them.

8. South Asian Snacks by Zouq: "Trail mix goes international with this savory gluten-free snack." The bag says it is Curry Crunch: Sweet and Sour Trail Mix. 0% trans fat, no cholesterol and MSG free.

My Review: This was really good! It was like nothing I've ever had before. It was sweet and salty at the same time. It wasn't very sour. I would purchase this.

The box also came with other cards.

1. Coming Soon! Gluten Free Box. "You asked...we listened! The Love With Food Gluten Free box is debuting August 2014. Join the wait list as supply is limited." 9-12 items, starts at $25. I thought that maybe the regular box had gluten free items in it because it seemed like all the items were gluten free. It doesn't matter to me.

2. "Your family would be a lot happier with The Blues." It is an ad for Garden of Eatin' Blue Chips. The back has some complicated information of the science behind how they make their products, but I'm not very interested.

3. This is a coupon to save 50 cents on any one Mediterranean Snacks product 3 oz or larger. The Sea Salt Lentil Crackers are by this brand.

4. This is another coupon to save $1 on any 2 bags of Beanitos Chips and/or Beanitos Puffs.

5. There was another card that I didn't take a picture of from 2 Degrees. If you buy 1 box of their bars they give 9 meals to feed children in need. If you use the promo code you get 20% off your order.

This is cool! Even though I didn't like everything (I didn't expect to because I can be picky), it was still a fun thing to get in the mail. You can go to the website and order whatever you like, and sometimes there will be recipes because sometimes a box will come with spices to cook with. Everything I didn't like I will give to a friend because just because I don't like it doesn't mean the food is bad, I just can be picky.

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