Monday, August 8, 2016

Eye of the Day: Everyday Warm Neutral

I want to show you my eye look for today. I think it looks pretty, and it was easy to do. 

I am inexperienced with taking pictures and editing them, so I'm sorry they look blurry. Also, I'm not sure what that little white dot is under that picture or how to get rid of it. 

Here is what I did:

1. Using a blending brush, I applied a matte, medium orange color from my crease to half way in between my crease and eyebrow. I didn't want it to touch my eye brown, but I have slightly hooded eyes, so I wanted the color to be seen when I opened my eyes.

2. Then, with the same brush, I applied a matte, medium-dark copper brown, that is close to the same color as the first, only darker. I put this on the crease more precisely, and I let the first color peak through at the top.

3. Next, I took a flat-shader brush, and applied a medium metallic copper on my lid, below the crease. 

4. After that, I took a pencil brush, and put a matte burgundy color in the outer corner of my eye. I just have a little space there, so I only put a little bit. Just to darken it up. 

5. Then, I took a clean, fluffy brush, and made sure all the edges of the eye shadow were blended out.

6. I used the same fluffy brush, and applied a satin, light, warm beige color under the arch of my eyebrow. I also put it around my tear duct.

7. Next, I used the flat eye shadow brush I used to apply the lid color, and I applied the first, medium orange color, on my lower lash line. I used a bigger brush, so it would apply a bigger amount on the lower lash line.

8. Then, I used a liner brush and applied the second color I used, the medium-dark copper brown right along the lower lash line. This is more precise, and thin compared to the first shade I put on the lower lash line.

9. After that, I took a clean fluffy brush and made sure the edges of the lower lash line color were all blended out.

10. I used the liner brush to apply a matte back shadow on the outer half of the upper lash line. 

11. Using the pencil brush, I put the matte burgundy color close to the lower lash line.

I liked this look, so I thought I would share it with you, and describe how I did it. You could create the same look using the eye shadows you already have. 

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