Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Winged Warm Matte Eyes

Here is another eye look for you. This time I used tape, and focused color on the edged for a winged look. I have trouble doing wings. I used a matte black shadow because it is more forgiving than gel or liquid.

Here is what I did:

1. I slanted tape from my lower lash line to an angle.

2. I put a matte medium brown with a fluffy brush from my crease to half way up between my crease and eyebrow.

3. Then I put a matte medium-dark brown with the same brush close to the tape and into the crease.

4. I took a clean, fluffy brush, and blended everything out.

5. Matte, medium-dark copper brown on a small blending brush a little bit on the outer lid, and into the crease.

6. Satin, light warm, beige with a flat shade brush on my lid.

7. Then I took the medium-dark copper brown color on the outer v.

8. After that I took a matte, dark brown on the outer corner of my lid with a pencil brush.

9. I took the medium-dark copper brown color again and put it in between the dark brown color and the light beige on the lid.

10. I blended it in a little with my finger, so no harsh lines between the brown and cream on the lid.

11. I took the tape off.

12. I took a matte black shadow and an angled liner brush. I put in on my upper lash line and follow the angle that was created when I used the tape. Then, I made a triangle from the line to lash line.

13. I put the dark brown close to my lower lash line.

14. Last, I put a white matte on my inner corner.

This was fun to do. I hope everything is well with you, and you enjoy putting on your makeup.

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