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June Birchbox

This is what it says on the introductory card: "Wanderlust: Hi there, Counting the days until your next takeoff? Mentally assembling the ultimate packing list for Bora-Bora? Corralling the family for a beach getaway? We feel you. When wanderlust strikes, it sticks. That's why this month's box is filled with samples from near and far that will serve you well on all your summer adventures. And what better way to kick things off than with a beauty-travel mash-up. We teamed up with Color Club to create a collection of exclusive nail polish shades, each inspired by one of our global offices. They'll look fantastic here, there, and everywhere in between. Away we go, Katia, Hayley & Team Birchbox"

1. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, Full-size, $18
What: Beloved by celebs, this award-winning oil-buster revives second-day strands.
How: Hold about 10 inches away from your head. Spray evenly on your roots.

I like how they are including a "how" section on the back of the card. That is really helpful to me. I have tried dry shampoo before, but it hasn't worked very well for me. I might not have been using it correctly. I will try this out and come back to this post and say how I liked this product.

Review: I think I may not like dry shampoo in general. This sprayed out very intensely. It left a white cast on my hair. It said to wait 2 minutes before brushing it out, so I waited but it was still white in my hair. I don't think it made my hair cleaner. It looks like I didn't put anything in it (other than the white part). I think I'm going to give this to someone who will use it.

2. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder, Full-size, $36
What: A shine-zapping mineral powder that keeps oil levels in check.
How: Buff all over face after applying foundation.

Now that the weather has gotten hotter, my skin has gotten shinier. I hope this works well for me. I've never tried a hi-definition powder before.

Review: I tried this out today, and unfortunately it reminds me of the other powders that I use from the drugstore. I wouldn't purchase this. It is also messy because it is a loose powder. Today is a really hot day, so I've been shiny and the powder didn't seem to help with that.

3. 29 Cosmetics: 29 Preserves Skin Care Collection, Full-size, $68-175
What: An antioxidant-rich and eco-chic quartet that protects and firms skin.
How: Use cleanser and eye cream a.m. and p.m. Apply night cream before bed.

There is a lot of information on the packaging: "Grape Seed Age Protecting skin care and color cosmetics line from Napa, California, dedicated to protecting, improving and presenting beautiful skin. Preserves skin care formulas are all natural and pure with organic, sustainable ingredients, paraben and sulfite free. Featuring a natural preservative system with organic emulsifiers, potent essential oils, organic extracts and scientifically tested highly effective ingredients to protect the skin from harmful free radicals and environmental stress while visibly easing signs of agin. Each luxurious product contains the most current botanical actives for firming, brightening, cellular renewal, anti-acne protection, exfoliating and moisturizing. All skin care products are packaged in eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable packaging to lessen our impact on the environment."

It comes with four different products.
a. Cream Cleanser: "This balancing pore refining white lupin peptide cleanser retains skin's moisture levels, protects collagen while maintaining firmness and doubles as a replenishing mask."
b. Serum Extract: "A two-in-one serum and cellular renewing day moisturizer provides deep nutrition to the skin. 29's protein complex instantly firms the skin, stimulates pro collagen and promotes cell turnover. Use alone or under 29's Hydrating Foundation."
c. Eye Emulsion: "Powerfully firming with anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant defense. Delivers anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Nourishing and hydrating, leaving the eye area looking firm and youthful."
d. Night Moisture: "This nourishing creme is like a Shea butter moisture mask, rejuvenating the skin with vitamins and extracts for instant firming effect with long-term benefits. Protects and stimulates the production of collagen and provides soothing, calming properties to the skin."

I think I will try the Eye Emulsion and Night Moisture. I already have a cleanser I like and I put ointment on the skin, so I don't want to put a serum on. It seems like these products are expensive. I don't know if I would purchase the full size, even if I like it. I normally just get from the drugstore or use what my dermatologist gives me.

Review: I tried the Eye Emulsion, and my first impression is that it seems like other eye creams I have used before. There is nothing I don't like about it. It moisturizes my eye area. So it does the job. I don't know what the lasting effects really are because of course I haven't used it long enough to tell. I only have a little sample, and I don't plan on purchasing the full size. It doesn't irritate my eye.

4. These are postcards. "Destination Inspiration: Away We Go! We're dreaming of a great trip, and we're betting you are too. Inspired by our four global offices - New York, London, Paris, and Barcelona - we've created an exclusive set of postcards. Keep them at your desk to spark your imagination, or send them off to friends in far-off locales. xoxo, Birchbox Packing for your next adventure? Pick up carry-on must-haves and global beauty finds in the Birchbox Shop! Plus earn 35 Bonus Points when you spend $35+. Use code BBREFRESH at checkout."

On the back of each postcard it says how to have a perfect day at that city.

a. New York: "Get a culture fix with a tour of Chelsea art galleries before hopping onto the elevated High Line - be sure to stop by the People's Pops stand for an icy pick-me-up. From there, choose one of the West Village's cute, pleasantly buzzy restaurants - we're partial to L'Artusi."

b. Paris: "Head to Montmarte, stopping by Gontran Cherrier bakery for to-die-for bread and croissants. Jump on the Little White Train to see the neighborhood, then grab a Velib bike for a leisurely cycle to the Seine, Louvre, and Tuileries Garden. From there, stroll the streets near Saint-Germain-des-Pres and squeeze in some shopping."

c. London: "Start with coffee and eggs Benedict at the Riding House Cafe, just behind Oxford Circus. Saunter over to the iconic Liberty store, then relive the '60s by wandering through Carnaby Street. Jump in a black cab and marvel at the sights across Tower Bridge before finishing at the restaurant atop the Tate Modern - after checking out the latest contemporary artists, of course!"

d. Barcelona: "Hit La Rambla for tapas at Bar Canete, then wander through the Raval District, a cultural melting pot, on your way to the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art). Need to refresh? Visit Les Topettes for artisanal soaps and fragrances."

I feel like Birchbox thinks I have a lot of money. xD I can't afford to travel anywhere fancy this summer. Going to the beach is as far as I will go. The postcards are cute, though.

5. Birchbox + Color Club Wanderlust Collection, Full-size, $8
What: Exclusive neon pastel shades inspired by four of our favorite cities.
How: Two coats will give you an opaque, glossy finish.

I like the color I got. It's called, "London Calling." I don't have a nail polish this color.

6. Twistband Birchbox Nautical Hair Tie Collection, Full-size, $14
What: Seaworthy hair ties that will charm even the landlubbers among us.
How: Secure ponytails or buns, or just wear on your wrist.

I think this is cute. I wear ponytails most of the time. I like the little seahorses.

I will try this stuff out and come back to the post and write little reviews for the things I've tried.

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