Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Perfume

I have done a summer perfume post before: It was September of last year. I still have those perfumes, but throughout the year I've added to my collection. Some are little samples I've gotten, some are body sprays, and some are lotions. I wanted to show you my "new" summer fragrances. I found out last year there were different fragrance notes that go with each season. That is why some people say they want their perfume to go with the season. I thought that was interesting, so I researched and I came up with the notes that supposedly go with Summer. I added Rio Berry because it was with the Spring/Summer collection of Bath and Body Works, and Peaches and Cream because peaches are ripe in the Summer. Also, Love Spell has peach as one of it's notes. Based on the notes is how I figured out which of my fragrances are "summer scents."

These are the notes of Summer:
1. Rose
2. Orange Blossoms
3. Raspberry
4. Peach
5. Honeysuckle
6. Island Flowers
7. Sea Salt

Also, last year I learned the different places to place perfume. One of the places was to spray it in the hair. Well, I just learned this year that you actually shouldn't do that. It's not good for your hair, unless it is a product made for the hair. So I have been not doing the hair trick anymore.

These are the best places to put your fragrance:
1. Behind knees
2. Wrists (don't rub them together)
3. Chest
4. Behind ears
5. Insides of elbows
6. Spritz in the air and walk through
7. Between breasts
8. Neck

1. Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea (was a Christmas present)
2. Viva La Juicy La Fleur
3. Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline
4. MCMC Phoenix
5. Coach Poppy (red)
6. Joie Folle de Joie eau de parfum
7. Juicy Couture Couture
8. Sage + Fasten Common Sense
9. Bath and Body Works Country Chic (was a Christmas present)
10. Bath and Body Works Body Spray in Bali Mango
11. Bath and Body Works Body Spray in Twilight
12. Bath and Body Works Body Spray in Rio Rumberry
13. Philosophy Lotion in Peaches and Cream
14. Victoria Secret Body Lotion in Love Spell

What is your favorite perfume/body spray/lotion to wear in the Summer?

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