Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blogmas Day 11: Cinders

Playmobil Advent Calendar: Santa's Workshop

Isn't this bike, so cute?! It had little parts that I had to put together. The steering wheel turns the wheel, even!

Playmobil Advent Calendar: Christmas in the Park

Here are more birds for the park. The white parts go on the tree and the bench. You can put the birds on the snow too!


Cinders Bath Bomb: I have gotten this bomb before. It has little orange pop candies that are supposed to crackle like a fire in the bath, but I can't hear it. I remember when I first got it I was expecting a loud crackling fire, but that didn't happen. It smells like cinnamon.

Here is what the website says about it: "Warming cinnamon crackled. Heat up your holidays with this sweet and spicy bomb inspired by fireside gatherings with family and friends. We combine crackling vegan candies with stimulating cinnamon leaf oil to recreate the warmth of the hearth. This spicy soak also has hydrating almond oil to keep your skin super soft and smooth - and with a bathtub fizzed so inviting, you can go ahead and skip the open fire and curl up with Cinders instead."

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  1. I just adore the amount of detail that goes to play mobile sets, they really take it seriously and they are not only toys, but miniatures.

    Omg cinnamon <3


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