Friday, December 12, 2014

Blogmas Day 12: Luxury Lush Pud

Playmobil Advent Calendar: Santa's Workshop

I got a memory game! It is a little deck of cards with play mobile people on it. I think I will give this to my little cousin as part of his Christmas present.

Playmobil Advent Calendar: Christmas in the Park

It's more of the tree! This sticks onto the base of the tree in the park. You can attach snow and birds to the branches!


Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb: This is a very colorful bath bomb. It has what looks like holly on the top and colors all around it. It has a strong, spicy scent that I can't name or describe. It smells like Christmas to me. I'm going to wait to take a bath 'til I want to, and then I will come back and write what it was like. I don't need to take a bath every single day up until Christmas.

This is what the website says about it: "Drop this luxuriously relaxing bomb in the tub and watch as a kaleidoscope of colored polka dots float to the surface making pastel islands in the water. Then you'll inhale the magnificent aroma of lavender oil, sweet benzoin and comforting tonka absolute... You may recognize the scent from out best-selling year-round Bath Bomb, Twilight. Sink in for a fluffy, frothy end-of-day soak that will release your worries and set the stage for a restful slumber."


  1. I love memory games! This calendar would be great to open with children XD OR with two adults who still like play mobil >_>; I'd win so hard at playmobil memory.

    1. I remember I liked to play memory as a kid.


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