Monday, December 8, 2014

Blogmas Day 8: Snow Fairy

Playmobil Advent Calendar: Santa's Workshop

I think this is food for the reindeer.

Playmobil Advent Calendar: Christmas in the Park

This is a blanket and bottle for the baby. 


Snow Fairy Shower Gel: This smells like bubblegum, vanilla, and sugar! It is very, very sweet. I got the smallest bottle because I didn't know if I would like it. On Valentine's Day I got Lush's Prince Charming Shower Gel, and I loved that. This reminds me of the bubble wand I got last Christmas that had a pink star and made bubbles. I think it is made with the same ingredients as Snow Fairy. It is a popular product at Lush that they bring back every Christmas.

I took a shower and this shower gel does a good job of lathering. It is like what a shower gel should be like. I didn't even notice the glitter, but I can see it is in the bottle. It isn't anything annoying. The smell reminds me of a type of bubblegum my grandma would get at Halloween.

This is what the website says about it: "Sweet, sparkly and candy scented! Oh how we've missed lathering up in those fluffy pink bubbles! We crave Snow Fairy's bubblegum and sweet vanilla fragrance all year and just can't imagine the holidays without her. Our famous fairy contains a smattering of biodegradable shimmering luster (or as we like to call it, Fairy Dust) so she won't harm the earth one little bit! Sparkly, pink and candy scented - what more could we ask for?!"

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  1. Ooh blanket for the baby, that's new. All my play mobil had to sleep without sheets or borrow them from Barbie. And then Barbie would sleep in the nude. I think she'd like that, actually.


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