Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogmas Day 15: So White Shower Gel

Playmobil Advent Calendar: Santa's Workshop

I had to put the work bench together, and there is a little radio.

Playmobil Advent Calendar: Christmas in the Park

It's a little boy for the park.


So White Shower Gel: They made this shower gel because the So White Bath Bomb was so popular. It smells like apples! I love it. Now I have a bunch of shower gels to choose from.

This is what the website says about it, "Crisp and refreshing. So White Bath Bomb has been a LUSH Christmas favorite for years, and this holiday we've invented a gorgeous shower gel that shares its mouthwatering apple perfume! With fresh, gently cleansing apple infusion, soothing rose water and uplifting bergamot oil, a shower with So White will most certainly leave you feeling as fair as can be. We've added a touch of nourishing rice bran oil and tincture of benzoin to soften and calm the skin through the chilly winter months, and its freshly apple perfume will stay with you all day long."


  1. I have to go to LUSH soon, I miss my shower gel so much! It was a great pick me up in the morning, it'd wake me up and make me feel fancy.

    1. I saw one girl on youtube saying she had all these shower gels she was using at the same time, so when she ran out, she had a bunch of empty bottles to show in her empties video. I am going to be like that. I loved my Prince Charming Shower Gel I got for Valentine's Day, and I found that Dove makes one similar. I got tired of that smell though. I think it's pomegranate.

    2. I loved the rose one! I have to go to lush and buy a couple of bottles and bask in the smell~


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