Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent Blog: The Latke, Benefit's Dandelion, and Lush's Bombardino!

Christmas Quote

"It is very frustrating not to be understood in this world. If you say one thing and keep being told that you mean something else, it can make you want to scream. But somewhere in the world there is a place for all of us, whether you are an electric form of decoration, peppermint-scented sweet, a source of timber, or a potato pancake." ~Lemony Snicket, The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming: A Christmas Story

Chanukah Song

Chanukah Song by Adam Sandler

Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar

Day 4: Dandelion Lip Gloss!

I wasn't expecting to get this! Benefit has the cutest box blushes and each blush goes with a matching lip gloss. They have a pretty light pink blush called Dandelion and this is the lip gloss that goes with it. It smells like orange candy to me, just like the Coralista blush does. Coralista has a matching lip gloss too. I like the way it feels on my lips. It's not sticky. It's just a pretty light pink lip gloss.

Lush's Christmas Friends

I was just about to take a bath and I found out this came in the mail! I have never had anything by Lush. I got a bunch of stuff on Black Friday. It arrived so fast. And the packaging was really good!

This is what it says about Christmas Friends: "Our inventors came up with a whole range of fantastically whimsical characters for the tub this year - so we popped them all in this tin! Six friends, including new inventions like Bombardino Bath Bomb and The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar, are nestled inside of this reusable tin for hours of bathtime fun. Christmas Friends inspires the child in all of us; let your imagination go wild and bring your new friends to life! Features: You can reuse this adorable tin to store your LUSH treats, holiday cards, cookies and more. The illustration on Christmas Friends was designed especially for LUSH by artist Celyn Brazier. This tin is packed with bombs, bubbles and melts for a happy new year!"

Bombardino Bath Bomb

I'm going to take one bath a day and review the Lush product I used.

This is what the website said about this bath bomb: "A Quick Trip to the Alps, Inspired by a hot apres-ski drink enjoyed, in the ski resorts of the Italian Alps. Bombardino makes the perfect treat to enjoy after a long day on the slopes, or an exhausting day spent holiday shopping. Sicilian lemon oil and vanilla absolute combine beautifully to create an uplifting and comforting lemon-cheesecake aroma, and bits of cocoa butter from his whipped hat melt into the bath water to soften up winter skin. Just like a late afternoon refreshment, Bombardino is perfect for warming up on a chilly winter's day and getting re-energized for the evenings festivities! Features: Soy milk powder softens up the bath water, leaving you silky smooth. We purchase our lemon oil directly from our supplier in Sicily to ensure its quality and purity. Bombardino's eyes are made with vegan chocolate chips."

How to use: "Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the Bath Bomb and lay back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance. Some LUSH Bath Bombs contain flower petals and others have secret surprises (if you prefer not to have these pieces floating in your tub, wrap the Bath Bomb in a recycled nylon before use). To make your experience even more memorable, combine your fragrant Bath Bomb with a Luxury Bath Melt."

My Thoughts: I can smell the lemon. It turned the bathwater yellow. I can see sparkles in it too! And the chocolate chip eyes are floating around! Unfortunately my tub drains the water out. I think we need a different plug. This is very fun! I can tell the cocoa butter is moisturizing my skin. Afterwards, my skin feels so soft! And I haven't put lotion on. Normally my skin is very dry. My skin smells good too! This was so much fun! Everything was packed really well, nothing broke.

I hope the Chanukah song doesn't offend anyone. I think it's funny. And I think Adam Sandler wrote it because there weren't many Chanukah songs. He originally did it on Saturday Night Live. I think he is so funny. And I read the Lemony Snicket book, it's a picture book. It is so funny! I'm going to quote it on another day too.

I hope you are liking this blog! And you are enjoying this season! I like hearing the Christmas songs on the radio and seeing the lights on the houses.


  1. I love Lemony Snicket! I love those books too! I'll read them in English when I get the chance. And boy am I jealous of your bath bombs, that sounds like a great time *_*

  2. It's funny because I wasn't using the bath. I'm more of a shower girl, but I'm quickly becoming a bath baby. (What is a bath baby?!) I have only read the latke book by Lemony Snicket. I should read his other books. I was showing my Lush products to my mom and my parents were like PUT THAT AWAY because it was filling the house with smells. xD


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