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Too Faced Joy to the Girls Palette Dupes!

I'm loving Too Faced's holiday palettes right now. When I first saw people blogging about them and making Youtube videos about them, I got really excited because I wanted to dupe them. I actually was going to start doing the makeup looks in December, but I couldn't wait. Even though the shadow names are holiday themed, it doesn't mean the looks are for winter or for the holidays. This comes with a look book, which is one of the reasons I wanted to dupe it. I love following guides. I used the descriptions and swatches from Temptalia's blog: She gives colors that are similar to the shades, which are sort of like dupes, but she doesn't call them dupes. This palette also comes with a mascara. I don't have the dupe for it, I just use whatever mascara I'm currently using.

Here are the shadows with Temptalia's descriptions and the dupes, some of the dupes are from me and some are from Temptalia:

Snow Angel: pale, light beige with neutral to cool undertones and a matte finish. There are several dupes that I own. Wet 'n Wild Newport Nights, upper left corner, Sephora Disney Cinderella Palette, A Wish, and The Balm Rockstar Palette in Adagio.

Cheers: light-medium beige with a frosted finish, MAC Jest, Urban Decay Sin

Mulberry: muted, neutral-cool purple with a matte finish, Wet 'n Wild Lust, 2nd color

Sugar Plum: neutral warm purpled burgundy with a pearly finish, MAC Sketch, Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone, 4th color

Powdered Sugar: pale, light pink with a matte finish, Wet 'n Wild Rose Parade, bottom left

Too Too: light-medium, warm-toned pink with subtle peach sparkle, Wet 'n Wild Newport Nights, top right color

Chestnut: medium-dark, warm-toned brown with a satiny finish: MAC Twinks, Maybelline Enchanted Forest, darkest color

Joy: light-medium blue with a frosted, metallic sheen, Wet 'n Wild I Don't Do Camouflage, brow bone

Yule Log: dark, warm-toned brown with bronze, brown and burgundy shimmer and sparkle, MAC Constructivist (this is cream not a shadow), Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadows in Not Just Nudes, darkest color (this is a cream not a shadow)

Spike the Punch: warm-toned peach with soft pink tones and a white sparkle, Wet 'n Wild Newport Nights, top right color

Twinkle: medium-dark gold with warm, yellow undertones and a brownish base, frosted finish, slightly metallic sheen, Urban Decay Maui Wowie (from the Ammo Palette), L'Oreal Hip Duo in Dynamic, left side

Chimney: medium-dark gray with a satin sheen, Wet 'n Wild Shimmer the Night Away, 2nd color

Coal: medium-dark black with subtle warm brown undertones and a matte finish, Wet 'n Wild Greed, 3rd color

These are the products I used for each look:
Concealer: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Ivory
Eye Shadow Primer: Milani Eyeshadow Primer
Mascara: L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof in Blackest Black (top lashes), Covergirl Lash Perfection in Very Black (top lashes), Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Waterproof in Very Black (bottom lashes)
Face Primer: Pixi Flawless & Poreless Face Primer in Translucent
Foundation: L'Oreal Visible Lift Foundation in Soft Ivory (I have combination skin, but it has been very dry lately.)
Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent
Lip Balm: Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched
Eyebrows: Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit in Light

These are the looks from the look book and my thoughts about them.

1. Weekday
a. Base: Snow Angel, I used Wet 'n Wild Newport Nights, upper left corner, from lashes to brow
b. Lid: Cheers, I used Urban Decay Sin from the Ammo Palette.
c. Crease: Mulberry, I used Wet 'n Wild Lust, 2nd color
d. Line: Sugar Plum, I used Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone, 4th color, I lined my upper and lower lash lines.
e. Apply Mascara
My Thoughts: I think Sin looks really pale next to the Mulberry color. I don't think I like it, but I'm not done with the whole look yet. It looks better once you put the liner and mascara on. I think this brings out the green in my eyes. It's pretty. For blush and lips I'm going to wear peach because that looks good with purple eyes. I will use The Balm Frat Boy blush and Buxom Creamsicle. I've been loving those two this month. Overall, this looks like a Spring time look! It's really pretty.

2. Weekend
a. Base: Powdered Sugar, I used Wet 'n Wild Rose Parade, bottom left color
b. Lid: Too Too, I used Wet 'n Wild Newport Nights, top right color
c. Crease: Chestnut, I used the darkest color in Maybelline Enchanted Forest
d. Inner Corner: Joy, I used Wet 'n Wild I Don't Do Camouflage, browbone color
e. Line: Yule Log, I used Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadows in Not Just Nudes, 4th color
f. Apply Mascara
My Thoughts: This reminds me of the first look. A pale base, a pale lid color, and a dark color in the crease. This time the dark color in the crease is brown, not purple. I think it looks odd to have the blue in the inner corner. My dupe isn't very pigmented, so it is hardly noticeable. Usually you want to eliminate the blue in the inner corner of the eye. I like this eye look better than the last one. It is warmer. I don't like the blue, but it isn't that big of a deal. I'm going to use pink for blush and lips because the eyes are warm. I'm going to use Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in Tickle Me Pink. For lip gloss I'm using Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pop. This is my first time using this blush, and it makes my cheeks look like they've been out in the cold and naturally turned a bright pink. It is very cute.

3. Party Time
a. Base: Spike the Punch: Wet 'n Wild Newport Nights, upper right color
b. Lid: Twinkle: Urban Decay Ammo Shadowbox in Maui Wowie and L'Oreal Hip Duo in Dynamic, left side
c. Crease: Chimney: Wet 'n Wild Shimmer the Night Away, 2nd color
d. Line: Coal: Wet 'n Wild Greed, 3rd color
e. Apply: Mascara
My Thoughts: The Newport Nights peach blends right into my skin tone. Maui Wowie is really pale. It isn't medium-dark. I'm going to switch to a darker gold. I put L'Oreal Hip Duo in Dynamic, left side on my lid on top of Maui Wowie. It just made the gold stand out more. The Chimney color also is not medium-dark to me. It is a light silver, but the silver and gold together remind me of a Christmas or New Year's Eve party. I used Benefit Coralista blush because I just got it today from my Advent Calendar! It is a mini size. I love it! It is so flattering to my skin tone and coloring. I'm glad to see if my dupes were accurate. For lips I'm going to wear my new favorite lip gloss, Creamsicle by Buxom. I like this look. If you want to see dupes for Coralista check out my first Advent blog post I'm going to post today.

If I see some looks I like on Youtube using this palette, I will come back and add it to the post. I hope you like to see the dupes for this palette! I plan on doing more holiday palette dupes this month.

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