Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tag: 10 Little Secrets

I first saw this tag on beautycrush's YouTube channel She was the one who made it up. I'm so glad it has caught on and I've seen it several times around YouTube. I thought it looked like a fun tag to do so I'm doing it, and all of those who read this are tagged to do this too!

1. What is one product that makes you feel like a million dollars? To be honest I can't think of one. I don't normally feel like a million dollars I'm sad to say. I wish there was a product that did that for me.

2. What is your skincare secret? / A passed down skin care tip I love my skin care routine I'm doing right now. It has made all my acne go away. This is what I do.

Morning: I wash my face with a benzoyl peroxide cleanser. I use Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser. Then I use Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Lotion prescribed by my dermatologist.  I clean off eye makeup with Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. For moisturizer I use Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with vitamins A,C, & E SPF 30.

Evening: I wash my face with a salicylic acid cleanser. I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. Then I use Differin Gel. I clean my eye makeup with the same as in the morning. For moisturizer I use CeraVe moisturizing cream.

3. Share your hair care secret? My hair is frizzy and the product the best eliminates the frizzes for me has been Got2b Glossy Anti-Frizz Shine Serum.

4. What is your biggest diet rule? I have been on and off diets these last years in my 20's and 30's. At the moment I've been very bad with my diet. I know what I ought to do, but I don't necessarily do it. I know the best thing to do is to drink water instead of pop. Pop has all that sugar in it. You are just drinking calories. And I like water so it isn't like it's a torturous rule for me to follow. Also, pop doesn't really hydrate you like only water can. It is filled with sugar and sodium.

5. Any workout tips? I have worked out on and off through the years, just like dieting. At the moment I've been very lazy. I know what works for me is when I do something that is fun. It could be walking on a treadmill listening to my favorite music, doing a dancing video or just dancing to music, also I like to take walks on beautiful days. Do something you enjoy.

6. Which perfume is your secret weapon? I don't know if you have seen my perfume blog. I'll link it here: I have a ton of little perfume samples. Some I got through Birchbox, some I got because I bought collections at Sephora and Rite Aid. I love them all. They all have their own unique scent, and I honestly can't choose a favorite. I'm trying to use them all. I alternate perfumes. I can't pick one that is my secret weapon.

7. Show us a clothing item of yours which always turns heads. I don't know of anything I have that actually makes people turn their head. I don't wear anything outlandish or glamorous. I did get compliments from this top. It looks like it's two pieces, but the black sweater over the checkered shirt is actually sewn in. I got it from Fred Meyers I think.

8. What is your most treasured piece of jewelry? My Grandma passed away almost a year ago and right before she did she gave me this necklace. My mom gave it to her when I was little. I don't know how old I was, maybe 2 years old. So it is a picture of me, but I love it because it was my Grandma's and it reminds me of how much she loved me.

9. Who is your style crush? I am not really into fashion. I think I'm just recently getting into it because of YouTube. A lot of the people who make makeup tutorials also do style videos and fashion hauls. I'm starting to like watching those. I don't think I have a style crush. I just pick out clothes that I like, that aren't expensive, and that I feel like I need in my wardrobe.

10. Tell us something we don't know about you. I played the violin for years, and I got really good too. I had music scholarships to college.

I hope some of you do the tag! ^_^

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