Sunday, August 28, 2011

My First Haul!!!

I see these all the time on Youtube and beauty blogs. I decided to do one myself. I actually took pictures this time to include in the blog post! This is a first for me, so hopefully I will be able to figure it out. It's amazing to me how easy it is to create a blog.

I went to Fred Meyer's and Rite Aid searching for Wet 'n Wild's newest nail polish collection, "On the Prowl." I really want the gold/bronze glitter one called, "Cougar Attack." I can't find this collection. But that didn't stop me from buying anything. There was a special at Fred Meyer's buy one, get another 1/2 off so that was really cool.

These are swatches from Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner. This is the new "Glam Collection." I was very excited when I saw this in the store. This is for hazel eyes. From left to right the shades are: Antique Gold, Metallic Amethyst, and Black + Gold Shimmer. I have gotten these kinds of gel liners before, and I knew they would be good quality.

The next from left to right is Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duos. They each have black mascara with them. The first was purple, second green, and third from the new "Glam Collection" is in gold. The purple is supposed to be for brown eyes. The green is for green eyes. The gold is for hazel eyes. I also got the blue one, but I gave that to my friend. I've been trying this new thing where I try to compliment my makeup to the clothes I'm wearing. So let's say I was wearing a blue shirt, I would wear golden eye makeup because those are complimentary colors. I think I would always wear a mix of the black with color and not just the colored mascara alone.

These are the mascaras and liners together.

From left to right are swatches of Wet 'n Wild Color Icon eyeliner in 657 Deep Blue, NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in Champagne, and NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in Sunkissed Sand. I don't have a blue eyeliner and I had seen these dusts before and they looked really pretty.

This shows the NYC sparkles, the eyeliner, and I also got a Posh Duo foundation brush and concealer. I have the Posh crease brushes and they are really soft and fit nicely in the crease. I needed a sharp tweezer too. That one has leopard print on it.

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